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  1. Wow. This is such a pathetic joke of a winter. Lol!
  2. Have only received around 0.4 inches of snow so far this season. Historic.
  3. 1. You have to consider Russia's very real ties with Iran 2. Libya had only 50-60 years to assemble what they had in 2011 before Qaddafi fell after their dependence in 1951. Iran has been a bulwark in eastern Arabia for centuries 3. Libya's 2010 pre-civil war military force was far weaker than Iran's current standing army (with a force of no higher than 80,000), as was their intelligence and defense capability. 4. NATO also attacked Libya. Will they back us up here? 5. Libya is located very close to Europe. Iran is not. You will have to go through hundreds of miles of Iran full of Russian built defenses (ie. s-300's) before you reach some high priority targets buried deep within their pretty large country. 6. Libya was already divided and collapsing socially before we even got involved. See Arab Spring Um... Iran is the 15th most mineral rich country with close to a trillion dollars worth of potential minerals. This is not counting their oil and oil fields. Iran is the 5th highest oil producer in the world. Iran as a whole is worth 27 trillion dollars of natural resources. I wholeheartedly disagree.
  4. I'm not gonna lie... I'm kind of nervous. Hopefully we will avoid war.
  5. Iran is not going to be an easy country to take out given it mountainous terrain (unlike a flat desert plain in Iraq) and the fact that it is one of the only organized Islamic armies in the middle east, also housing up to around 750,000 personal backed by Russian offensive and defensive equipment. Not worth going to war for at all. This will be bloody if we are.
  6. Brainwashed? I didnt vote for Trump (Or Hillary) so this is a curious statement. Psychology is a fundamental aspect of deciphering a dictators actions. Sorry if this offends you I guess
  7. I don't think there are democrat politicians and media heads on Iraqi air bases right now. This discussion is bound to come up at some point... Edit: My brain automatically goes into the "why" before anything else with these types of things
  8. This is on the democrats imo. You had democrat politicians and supposedly objective media heads APOLOGIZING TO IRAN for killing a killer. This no doubt gave the crazy fundamentalist leader (who wants the end of the world to fulfill Islamic eschatology) the courage to launch these attacks, since to him, half this country is on his side.
  9. Call me crazy, but I still think this is a trackable storm. I don't usually stick around for failed threats... The Euro is introducing a new piece of northerly energy into the picture coupled with drastic positive changes out west
  10. Euro introduces a new piece of northerly energy that might be worth tracking 144 hours out
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