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  1. The GEFS is much farther north with the TPV than the GFS OP Compare GEFS: to GFS OP:
  2. Oh boy... this is going to come in big I think. Higher heights ahead of the storm. TPV north.
  3. Nice. Lots of hitters. Pretty important Euro run coming up I think.
  4. Reminder. The 12z Euro barely had the TPV in the picture:
  5. CMC slightly further SE, but not bad at all at this time range.
  6. Oh, for sure, there are issues the EPS is showing. I just don't view the EPS's flatness as an indication that this storm threat is on life support, not yet anyway. Now, if today's and tonight's Euro/EPS actually trends the other way, I'll be worried.
  7. What in the world are you talking about? Would you rather all of the models show a bulls eye this far out? I wouldn't. It's still 5.5 days out. The EPS wasn't even that far off.
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