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  1. Snow at any time of the year is still good snow
  2. Raining lightly here, ended up with 5.4 inches
  3. I know right! I honestly have barely been tracking this storm because I was almost certain I would only be getting some flakes, maybe a light coating than a quick change to sleet. Sick surprise.
  4. been switching between all sleet, a mix of sleet and snow and mostly snow over the past hour and a half. 5 inches on the ground!
  5. Changing to sleet () now. Was a great appetizer for winter.
  6. Still going hard. A bit over 3 inches now
  7. Super heavy snow here! Approaching 2.5 inches! Great storm for November.
  8. Apophis

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    Lol we posted at the same time
  9. Apophis

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    GFS , CMC and the Navgem seem to be entertaining another TC around the Bahamas.
  10. Apophis

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    Verbatim, the 0z FV3 GFS was basically Sandy but skipping the Tropical phase in the Caribbean, forming a subtropical looking storm off the east coast than getting yanked towards the coast by a trough. Given the SST's off the coast, it's definitely not out of the question to get some subtropical development, whether it's minor or major.
  11. Apophis

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    If im not mistaken we've been talking about Leslie for around 3-3.5 weeks now. And to think that some of its energy was pinched off from Florence. Amazing.
  12. Apophis

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    Hurricane Leslie might make a scene over Portugal.
  13. What was the official strength at landfall?