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  1. Would you rather there be a trough out west? Sure it could change by why not just get exited about the fact there’s actually a +PNA showing up?
  2. I understand your concern about government overreach, but it’s my understanding the mandates we already have are to protect those that can’t be vaccinated for one reason or another (maybe I’m wrong). How would you recommend addressing that issue in the current situation without a mandate? The people that can’t be vaccinated can only isolate themselves from others for so long. I’m not being sarcastic, I just am having trouble trying to think of a solution.
  3. I know that. It’s still completely unacceptable for him to make comments like that when he’s the White House coronavirus task force physician.
  4. Maybe. I’d just like to see the news side of fox given a little more of a chance to actually report the facts and getting rid of those folks helps facilitate that, I think. I hope.
  5. I’d actually be happy about this. There are some decent reporters on fox that are overshadowed by these blow hards.
  6. Encouraged his supporters to vote in person and now openly wonders why most of the mail in ballots are for Biden. Lol.
  7. I don’t think it can be said enough that this election fits 2020 perfectly.
  8. Biden could have won by a landslide and the lawsuits would have come anyway. Trump’s been trying to delegitimize this election ever since he had concerns he’d lose and he’s been threatening lawsuits for a long time. Lawsuits are what he does.
  9. Just make sure you guys don’t use a sharpie to fill them out...
  10. I agree in part. Had Trump responded differently to the pandemic (e.g. clearly articulated he thought it was serious, etc.) I think It could have actually helped him. The problem is that guy is incapable of admitting when he makes a mistake so he just doubled down on attacking the scientists which I think is a losing proposition. With that being said, I’m still not one of the people who is confident he’ll be defeated tonight.
  11. It’s not just the left. I was pulled in to a meeting last week warning me to be extra careful next week because I drive an emergency response vehicle. There’s concern that government employees will be targeted regardless of the outcome of the election since both the far left and far right hate the government. It’s pretty sad.
  12. Lol. https://thehill.com/homenews/media/522864-cnn-kayleigh-mcenany-praised-biden-as-man-of-the-people-in-2015
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