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  1. Just barely missed me here but I got to watch it form and hear the thunder in the distance. How rapidly those clouds grew was impressive.
  2. Yep. Went from flurries to all out dumping in a matter of 10 minutes here.
  3. Definitely a lot of virga. Radar has been showing snow over my house in south central PA for hours and I’m just now seeing a couple of flurries.
  4. Haha, don’t shoot the messenger. I saw this the other day and figured it fit this conversation. Use the ruler instead?
  5. Found this interesting for those inclined to try.
  6. The mean was 4-5 across Berks County with the exception of over near Bethel which was a little higher.
  7. I hate the FV3. At the beginning of winter, when we had so much potential, the constant snowy solutions it showed seemed like a dream come true. Now I pretty much don’t look at it because it just ticks me off.
  8. No, the same restriction applies on True Wx too. In reality, I don’t think the site where you get it matters. The product itself is copyrighted. At least that’s how I understand it.
  9. From my untrained eye it looks like snow to start and a switch to rain. Both 2M and 850 temps rise above freezing.
  10. Welcome to 33 and rain. There are a ton of great minds on here and it’s a perfect place for someone new to tracking to learn!
  11. The EURO and UKMET are trying to cook something up. There was some discussion on both a couple of pages back if you’re interested.
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