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  1. Anyone else enjoy watching Fauci’s rebuttal to Rand Paul?
  2. I can confirm, uniformed comments like these are beginning to become very common here. Of course, most of those people think Trump’s done a great job too.
  3. Fox is already saying “the media” is dumb and is saying the media believes you could drink disinfectants since they are having experts on to discuss it. I’ll give them credit, it’s was an interesting attempt to distract from the fact that the President of the United States literally said maybe we could drink disinfectants or shove UV lights inside of us. But I see, this is “the media’s” fault. In his defense, when you die from ingesting that stuff eventually the virus still inside you will be deactivated, so I guess he’s right? And people give Biden crap about his memory...
  4. Honestly, this is pretty offensive. I’m a biologist and hazardous materials technician in PA and my pay and pension come from Commonwealth funds. I’m out working now but I’m acutely aware that the longer businesses stay closed, the less tax revenue and, ultimately, furloughs (if McConnell has his way, elimination of my pension too). I want businesses to open up too and I think that goes for the majority of people. With that being said, we need to do this methodically and based on science or the virus overwhelms and the economic situation goes from bad to terrible. You’ve stated your frustrations frequently with how things are being handled in a seemingly uneven fashion in PA, but please remember that something like this hasn’t happened before. I think folks are doing the best they can. Will they make mistakes? Absolutely. Would you? Possibly. I understand you’re frustrated, but please don’t confuse people wanting to do this right with not caring. I hope your business is up and running again soon.
  5. Yep, understood. My primary concern is the reliance on the cough getting worse. I’m worried that too many people will stay home too long trying to tough it out because they were already told they weren’t sick enough.
  6. My friend has been told the same. He’s only supposed to go to the ER if his cough/breathing gets really bad, whatever that means.
  7. Thank you. I agree, I hope it’s something else and passes quickly. I’ve never seen anything hit him like this.
  8. Just talked to a friend of mine. He’s had a temperature that kept spiking to 104 and this morning he just passed out and his wife had to call 911. He was awake and alert by the time the paramedics got there and they wouldn’t go in the house. They made him go outside and checked his vitals there. They told him their protocols are changing by the hour. He wasn’t taken to the hospital because his vitals were good but he has to get swabbed tomorrow and it’s presumed he has COVID-19. He sounded terrible. For the record he’s 38 and in good shape. I wish people would take this more seriously.
  9. Wolf just issued a stay at home order for my county (York) in Pa effective at 8 pm today. Surreal.
  10. Great! I hope it’s helpful. I also hope more people follow your lead if they’re feeling anxious about all of this. No need to suffer in silence.
  11. That’s why I come here for updates. If someone posts misleading or false information, they’ll get called out on it, so it’s (sadly) more likely that I’ll hear the truth here than on the tv.
  12. Thank you for providing the additional clarification.
  13. I wonder how long it will take them to change their tune if/when they or someone they love becomes ill.
  14. I expect an expansion of this in the next few days. He’s consistently taken a stepped approach.
  15. Good luck! I hope everything turns out ok for you, your wife, and child. Congratulations by the way!
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