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  1. I wondered that too. Is TT the only place it’s usually available or can we go somewhere else? True Wx doesn’t have it that I can see.
  2. Jason

    Banter Thread: Winter 2018-19 Edition

    It seems like this happens every day. The overnight runs kill hopes and then the day runs restore them some. I might be a little more pessimistic if the CMC didn’t have multiple runs showing it running up the coast. I know the CMC isn’t the best model out there, but there are and have been some EPS and GEFS members that show major hits too. People normally say not take models too seriously until inside of 5 days or so. We’re not even there yet- way too soon to throw in the towel. I’d rather see this than a cutter at this point. Just my $0.02.
  3. That guide was hilarious and spot on. Well done.
  4. I like how the GFS slams the MA and then develops a second low around the north/South Carolina border late on the 10th that misses us (but not by that much). Disclaimer: No I don’t know if a coastal hugger is a viable option with the second storm (if there’s a storm at all) and yes I know it’s over a week out, but it can’t hurt to wish for two MECS/HECS within a couple days of each other!
  5. Which paid site did you get these from? I’m a little outside of those frames (south central PA) and would like to be able to get them for my area too.
  6. Jason

    Do Do Do looking out my back door!

    Nice. I wonder how many people that aren't from SCPA can say that creek name correctly on the first try...
  7. Doubt it'll help but did you tell them they'll put the lives of first responders at risk if they need help and IF first responders would try to get to them (not even a guarantee if it gets that bad)? Maybe they're cheap and you could tell them they might get a fine if they stay and need help. You could also threaten to publicly shame them on social media for being idiots. Who knows, one if those options might work!
  8. Some areas in south central PA recieved over 10 inches last Friday in less than 5 hours. In late July we had over 20 inches in two weeks. The devastation in some areas is amazing. More rain would be terrible.
  9. Moderate to heavy snow in York, PA. Around 7 inches on the ground. Back roads are covered.
  10. Jason