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  1. Fair enough, and I hear ya. It just doesn’t seem like there’s any benefit to getting too upset just yet.
  2. Come one now, is it fair say the hits keep coming when that same model looked the best it has so far just two runs ago? There’s plenty of time to correct in either direction.
  3. Well, at least the surface map on the GFS looks better for the 25th-26th.
  4. As currently modeled on the GFS, snow would start around 19:00 on Friday and switch to rain around 07:00 Saturday.
  5. If things stay this active, the end of January onward could be pretty crazy.
  6. Awesome video. I don’t know what intrigued me more-the inbound snow or the vehicles buzzing around.
  7. I hope this is true. It would allow our response to be much more measured. I hope the source(s) of the missiles is limited to a few locations which could allow us to only retaliate on them. I’m also hopeful there’s still time to de-escalate this, but time is clearly running out, and I’m not confident Trump has the temperament for that.
  8. Not that much for sure. Nam was closest at 4-5” but positive snow depth change was expected to be around 2 if I recall correctly. Most folks were estimating 1-3/2-4.
  9. Agreed. I left Harrisburg and they had about two inches. Got home two hours later to this.
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