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  1. Agreed. The primary problem with those posters is that they seemed to feel the need to repeat their doom and gloom comments over and over. Most people could see the writing on the wall but didn’t need to be told repeatedly in multiple different threads. I don’t really get why they make those posts honestly. Maybe it’s because if winter is bad they were right and if winter was good no one cares that they were wrong, so it’s the safe move.
  2. Where did they say they would deactivate accounts if people didn’t log in for a few weeks? They were primarily referring to people who haven’t been on in a year or so.
  3. I was having the same problem. Try clicking on the lower right (circled in this image) and copy the link, then paste it here. Then hit enter and wait a second and it should embed. Mine only works if I hit enter after I paste the link. I don’t know if it’ll work for you but it’s worth a shot. Edit: @uofmiami deserves credit for helping me with this.
  4. I’ll give you that it's Jamaica so it’s hard to say for sure.
  5. Looks like it’s probably water. That’s typically not the type of cap you’d see on fuel. It would leave too much room for gas vapors to build up above the liquid, and it just looks like basically a tarp to keep contaminants out. Those don’t look like they have the floating roof under that tarp like I’d expect. If they did, I wouldn’t think there’d be that kind of release. It wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong though.
  6. That seems like a big change from four days ago. I wish he’d stop by and discuss like he has in the past.
  7. Moderate snow just started again here. 27/19. Starting to lay on untreated roads again. This is why I prefer January-early Feb snows, you don’t have to fight the sun.
  8. Fair enough, and I hear ya. It just doesn’t seem like there’s any benefit to getting too upset just yet.
  9. Come one now, is it fair say the hits keep coming when that same model looked the best it has so far just two runs ago? There’s plenty of time to correct in either direction.
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