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  1. Dorian is basically the equivalent to an EF4 tornado wind speed wise, but whereas a tornado comes and goes in a matter of seconds to minutes, this thing hits people for hours. I found this link about EF4 and EF5 tornadoes and the loss of life in some of the notable ones was significant. https://www.ustornadoes.com/2012/04/10/violent-f4ef-4-and-f5ef-5-tornadoes-in-the-united-states-since-1950/ God bless those folks in the Bahamas. Building codes might be good, but I find it hard to believe they address such high winds for such long durations.
  2. Agreed, but they both have to happen together. It can’t just be one or it obviously won’t work... Also, I’m making ice in my freezer right now in case the navy needs it. They can also have a fan too if they want to try to blow the hurricane away from the coast.
  3. Forgive my ignorance, but are the sea surface temperatures close to when Andrew was developing? Also, would the projected speed allow for more or less mixing of the cooler water from the deeper areas of the ocean? I seem to recall that the storms can actually hurt themselves by bringing up cool water. Or am I completely off base here?
  4. Just barely missed me here but I got to watch it form and hear the thunder in the distance. How rapidly those clouds grew was impressive.
  5. Yep. Went from flurries to all out dumping in a matter of 10 minutes here.
  6. Definitely a lot of virga. Radar has been showing snow over my house in south central PA for hours and I’m just now seeing a couple of flurries.
  7. Haha, don’t shoot the messenger. I saw this the other day and figured it fit this conversation. Use the ruler instead?
  8. Found this interesting for those inclined to try.
  9. The mean was 4-5 across Berks County with the exception of over near Bethel which was a little higher.
  10. I hate the FV3. At the beginning of winter, when we had so much potential, the constant snowy solutions it showed seemed like a dream come true. Now I pretty much don’t look at it because it just ticks me off.
  11. No, the same restriction applies on True Wx too. In reality, I don’t think the site where you get it matters. The product itself is copyrighted. At least that’s how I understand it.
  12. From my untrained eye it looks like snow to start and a switch to rain. Both 2M and 850 temps rise above freezing.
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