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  1. Ugh. https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/11/politics/fbi-bulletin-armed-protests-state-us-capitol/index.html
  2. Agreed, but to just be clear, my assertions were not based on what the media says.
  3. Oh I agree the far left is pretty terrible, but statistically the far right is more dangerous.
  4. It has been demonstrated that the extreme right has been responsible for over 60 percent of domestic terrorism. My concern is this is only the beginning.
  5. Every one of them needs to be prosecuted to the maximum extent.
  6. Whenever I’d plow, the piles that were packed the tightest seemed to last the longest. They partially melted and then refroze to a solid chunk.
  7. No reason to be sorry. I’m confident your questions and the answers that follow help more people understand than you realize, myself included.
  8. This title made me chuckle.
  9. Moderate snow here in York, Pa. The moderate snow started about 1/2 hour ago (was lightly snowing for about 1/2 hour before that). Temp was 27, and now dropped to 25. Roads are covered and the winds are already blowing the snow around. I’ve missed this.
  10. I don’t recall a time when NWS State College put a product out like this so far in advance. Especially with this high of a level of confidence.
  11. Just had a nice snow shower here for the first time since May. It’s coming.
  12. Yes, he shut it down but then went on to contradict the health professionals at what seems like every chance he got. Had he actually acted like an adult and not mocked the professionals it’s reasonable to assume more of his followers would have listened as well and more lives could have been saved.
  13. Would you rather there be a trough out west? Sure it could change by why not just get exited about the fact there’s actually a +PNA showing up?
  14. I understand your concern about government overreach, but it’s my understanding the mandates we already have are to protect those that can’t be vaccinated for one reason or another (maybe I’m wrong). How would you recommend addressing that issue in the current situation without a mandate? The people that can’t be vaccinated can only isolate themselves from others for so long. I’m not being sarcastic, I just am having trouble trying to think of a solution.
  15. I know that. It’s still completely unacceptable for him to make comments like that when he’s the White House coronavirus task force physician.
  16. Maybe. I’d just like to see the news side of fox given a little more of a chance to actually report the facts and getting rid of those folks helps facilitate that, I think. I hope.
  17. I’d actually be happy about this. There are some decent reporters on fox that are overshadowed by these blow hards.
  18. Encouraged his supporters to vote in person and now openly wonders why most of the mail in ballots are for Biden. Lol.
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