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  1. By that time most of the area will be reporting 10+ inches.
  2. I say this all the time. In my experience Freezing rain really doesn’t become a problem unless the temp is below 29, so I agree with you 100%
  3. Down to 24 here. Frost everywhere.
  4. First flakes here right now!
  5. Maybe call me an optimist, but at 360 hours away a crap ton can change and wouldnt take much for more of a “press” by this ridge into the NAO region leaving our area more seasonal.
  6. One thing is for sure in the longer range. Canada stays very cold, and that is all i care about this early in the game. :)
  7. Thought this was interesting from Ventrice on twitter. Seems the EPS has been flip flopping last three runs.
  8. Saw the same thing! Was pretty amazing
  9. jjvesnow

    October East Coast Storm

    Nice! Bet hunter mountain gets a couple inches...
  10. You mean fake snow?