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  1. If there’s one thing that I know is certain it’s that the lake effect is about to rip the lid off. That system on the 27-28 will spin and spin cranking out insane totals
  2. I agree. It’s almost always encouraging to see the gfs spit out a nice system, because it is usually the one last to the party.
  3. Saying something is warmer when it is isn’t being negative. Plus I never said that, he put the words in my mouth. Yea I’m located in a decent spot for this one. Still tons of mixing anticipated though.
  4. Someones gotta keep it real around here !
  5. The 6z euro out yet ? Curious to see how that trended
  6. What do you think is the best website for all those model maps ?
  7. Anyone have the 6z fv3-gfs ratio snowmaps
  8. If that even remotely somewhat verifies ill Buy everyone here a steak dinner. I don’t even know what model that is.
  9. Why do you go so far out in time 170 hrs? Go out to hr 60 or so.