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  1. that’s not what I’m saying. It is just suspect to me because it stands alone. However, with that being said it is nice to see the gfs spit out a nice storm run after run. so one of these models have to cave eventually. Obviously I hope it is the euro
  2. The Gfs suite is very suspect to me given how it stands alone. Also having zero support from the euro is a big red flag to me. I was hoping for better 00z euro results
  3. Gold jacket, green jacket, it’s wide right. Let’s not hang our hats on the icon that model burned me one too many times.
  4. Yea I think we’re chasing ghosts now for this 1/13 system, progressive zonal flow crushes all chances of this impacting us. Might be Time to focus on the 1/18-20 system, but keep an eye on 1/13
  5. The setup is very similar and how it interacts with the northern stream. It just occurs much further north than 2017. Watch *
  6. Very similar to the March blizzard of 2017. That took over near the Delmarva though.
  7. Extrapolate this west by 150 miles and we are good !
  8. I just watched some blizzard of ‘93 and ‘17 videos to lighten my mood. There’s still hope, but it’ll have to wait til March 13-15
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