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  1. I still personally do not see this being a threat to the U.S. There will obviously am intersction with the trough, it’s so far offshore and should still likely be embedded in enough westerly flow that it ends up continuing on an east or northeast track.
  2. How is that possible? Is it me, or these two wildly different?
  3. Better late than never for the GFS, I suppose haha
  4. As usual completely hugging the hurricane models.......sigh. Lol
  5. Do we have the UK Ensembles yet? And darn WeatherBell is so slow lol won’t have EURO tracks for another hour or so
  6. I think the biggest thing to note is how the trend in the wave spacing continues to shorten over North America across the models showing this “capture” idea. This is a goodntrekd to see for those wishing for an OTS solution.
  7. That is something I want to look more deeply at, but earlier looks had me concerned. Your concerns with 95L are no joke though, especially the later. I’m on edge too, brother, believe me haha
  8. Storm #2 has my feathers ruffled, I won’t lie. But that analysis comes later gaha
  9. *Nervously* fun lol like the rest of us that have experienced hurricanes in the past, I’d rather be waving as they pass by instead of cleaning up after them. Solely from a meteorological perspective though, “fun” is a good word aha
  10. OMG RIGHT UP THE COAST. Well, that escalated quickly aha
  11. It’s close. This is a HUGE bifurcation point in modeling: Does the trough dig deeply enough to impart enough westerly momentum to keep it ahead of the ridge? Or, does it not? As stated earlier, I believe the former. However, this is CLOSE, and probably will end up doing a loop, just not at our latitude.
  12. Thanks, @33andrain and @Snowman11!! Now hopefully it's right!
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