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  1. Abortion - What is your stance on abortion? Against it besides for when the baby endangers the mother's life. A person's irresponsibility or horrible crime cannot be used to kill a living person, no matter how early in its life cycle. LGBT Adoption Rights - Should gay couples have the same adoption rights as straight couples? I don't have enough information on this and would think this should be fine, unless there is data to show otherwise (I do believe that children thrive most in a traditional father/mother household). Gun Control - Should there by more restrictions on the current process of purchasing a gun? Definitely not. Time and again crimes committed with firearms occur in cities with extreme gun laws or when law enforcement did not properly enforce existing laws already on the books. To penalize law abiding citizens for the acts of criminals who acquire their weapons illegally, is absurd. Equal Pay - Should employers be required to pay men and women the same salary for the same job? Under the exact same circumstances, one should not be descriminates against. The data typically pushed on this topic, is skewed to lend the appearance of inequality. Climate Change - Should the government increase environmental regulations to prevent climate change? No. The data just isn't there to support direct human involvement, and private industry is far more capable at dealing with this issue. Furthermore, when the US keeps reducing its carbon emissions while Asia and other third world countries keep pumping out more, the response should not be greater US government involvement and restrictions on us LGBT Marriage - Do you support legalization of same sex marriage? Definitely. It isn't my business how individuals want to live their lives
  2. Don't look now, but radar is starting to light up once more over southern NJ! I'd imagine something to do with this
  3. Heavy snow in Red Hook Brooklyn. Starting to stick on colder surfaces
  4. You're in a better spot than me and I see positive steps toward giving us a nice event as well!
  5. Pretty good rates now. Everything besides roads and sidewalks are coated
  6. Snow rain mix but the rain is lessening by the minute. Dropped to 34
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