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  1. Being anti Israel is typically an indicator of anti-Semitic views. It's quite simple, if you feel it neccesary to support BDS or other negative polices against a staunch ally of ours, the sole democracy in the region, and only Jewish state while looking to coddle neighboring regimes or dictatorial socialist countries, chances are you're an anti-semite
  2. It isn't anti-Semitic but it has already enabled reoccurring crimes including those who have attacked Jews
  3. A big chuck of the republican base is most definitely not anti-Semitic.
  4. Anti semitism is a problem that from those on all sides of the political spectrum but when you look at which party has been more proactive against it, it's clearly evident that the democrats are failing miserably
  5. What about the GOP? The GOP in Jackson, NJ has been pretty anti Semitic which has resulted in numerous resignations and a condemnation from the RNC. I haven't seen the same from the Democrats against their own. The daily attacks against Jews in the tristate area are not being perpetrated by the right, and the horrible policies by the leftist government is enabling them including the no bail reform that Deblasio just implemented.
  6. Im quite aware of the meaning of the world and what results when fascism becomes the dominating force. The attacks against free speech, ideas, and certain races in favor of over is quite definitive of fascism.
  7. I don't think democrats as a whole are evil but the platform they have adopted is evil and enables a degradation of society.
  8. It seems that there is at least one attack a day against visibly religious Jews in this country, many within the tri-state area. The social media echo chamber, indifference by the media, and leftist policies are all playing a role in the enabling this from getting out of control. Thankfully many Jews are now becoming more conscious of the need to utilize our second amendment rights with a surge of interest in obtaining firearms. What are your thoughts on this growing scourge?
  9. No one has done more to turn me from a NeverTrumper to a trump supporter, than the hysterical left.
  10. Abortion - What is your stance on abortion? Against it besides for when the baby endangers the mother's life. A person's irresponsibility or horrible crime cannot be used to kill a living person, no matter how early in its life cycle. LGBT Adoption Rights - Should gay couples have the same adoption rights as straight couples? I don't have enough information on this and would think this should be fine, unless there is data to show otherwise (I do believe that children thrive most in a traditional father/mother household). Gun Control - Should there by more restrictions on the current process of purchasing a gun? Definitely not. Time and again crimes committed with firearms occur in cities with extreme gun laws or when law enforcement did not properly enforce existing laws already on the books. To penalize law abiding citizens for the acts of criminals who acquire their weapons illegally, is absurd. Equal Pay - Should employers be required to pay men and women the same salary for the same job? Under the exact same circumstances, one should not be descriminates against. The data typically pushed on this topic, is skewed to lend the appearance of inequality. Climate Change - Should the government increase environmental regulations to prevent climate change? No. The data just isn't there to support direct human involvement, and private industry is far more capable at dealing with this issue. Furthermore, when the US keeps reducing its carbon emissions while Asia and other third world countries keep pumping out more, the response should not be greater US government involvement and restrictions on us LGBT Marriage - Do you support legalization of same sex marriage? Definitely. It isn't my business how individuals want to live their lives
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