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  1. What would you want do see different, so we know what to look out for or for future reference
  2. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blizzard or not this far out, we’re taking a look at the synoptic pattern overall, whether a specific region meets blizzard criteria is inconsequential more than 2 days out(the nws got rid of blizzard watches for a reason)
  3. I think this goes to the point that @brooklynwx99 made, the northern end shifted south but the southern edge did not so does not mean the slp shifted south.
  4. speed: This is the warmest 850 frame, not horrible
  5. This could be a positive side effect of the less negative epo, although there’s less cold, there’s less amplification that could cause our pv to eject sounthwatd and interact
  6. Then the coastal transfer is too far west but with a correction southeast with the primary we’d be in business
  7. Great strong storm signal though thermals will be a problem verbatim with that h5 look
  8. That’s my point, and I think it stands regardless of my math being off by a day. We just can’t get invested in op runs outside of 5 days
  9. Is there any worry that the lowest heights (<520 dm) appear to be in Siberia and not say around or south of the Hudson Bay? Seems like the lower heights are needed to get more intense storms.
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