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  1. https://collaboration.cmc.ec.gc.ca/cmc/cmdn/pcpn_type/pcpn_type_gem_reg.html Click animate when you get to the page.
  2. Can someone post the SREF members and mean for this storm? I think it’s the one from Truewx. Thanks y’all!
  3. Seems to me 6z and 18z have been decreasing snow totals just for 0z and 12z to bring them back up. As for as actual verification, that can be referred to someone else as I don’t know.
  4. I love the ukie, but keep in mind it refused to give up the idea of a massive snowstorm for most everyone the last time around until about 2 days before. I’ve noticed that maybe it’s just lost in the medium range.
  5. Do you happen to have that longer range UKMET to take a look at? Or anyone else on here?
  6. I’m sorry for the bad question, but what is this looking familiar to?
  7. Could you guys give some thoughts on snow amounts for the dc area this upcoming storm? C-2? More as you get further NE?
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