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  1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2020/05/26/nursing-homes-assisted-living-facilities-0-6-of-the-u-s-population-43-of-u-s-covid-19-deaths/?fbclid=IwAR2mgcImboIp9GW61DnGApgms98LbQN5yBc06PtbPXIkppPtAil3B0qjJi0#622eb83274cd wow.
  2. This was a story I wrote along with it. We are hanging in there. Still miss the parents and hemming and hawing on when or what we should do. “This morning my 5 year old got up early to go fishing with me. We quietly snuck around the cabin to grab a cup of coffee for me and some cocoa krispies for him. About 15 or so minutes into no luck fishing he turned to me and said, “Dad, I don’t really care if I catch anything, it’s just fun to fish and be with you.” In that moment I felt as though I was nailing this parent thing. 30 seconds or so later, I turned to see him taking a wiz right off the dock with a giant smile on his face. Yep, nailing it.”
  3. Kinda separates myself from things for a while. Mental health has improved. Taking some days out at the Camp with the family. Good shot of fishing with my youngest. hope all are safe and healthy.
  4. almost a funnel but didn’t drop down. One behind it looks nastier. snow to tornadoes in 3 days! Yay 2020!!
  5. It’s really this. If you’re scared and can - stay home. The real awful part is the people who have to choose work even though they are scared because they literally have no choice anymore. And the ultimate awful part is many don’t even have that choice and this is where the stimulus money needs to go. I know it’s not that simple but we all wish it was.
  6. Today marks exactly 2 full months that I haven’t been in any other 4 walls but my house. Besides missing my parents and no school - I could sustain this for pretty much ever assuming other things didn’t change. Humans are remarkably adaptive - of course assuming they have the necessary means to adapt.
  7. Just some snow squalls on May 9th... Carry on 2020....
  8. I tend to respectfully disagree with your last point for a number of reasons. 1. We know what we are dealing with. We know the enemy. 2. We know who it affects most and we can put increased measures in place to protect them. 3. THEY, the elderly and those with comorbidities, know they are affected most and are scared. 4. We have learned as a society to social distance. 5. Agoraphobia. See = me. 6. Medicine. I still believe treatments (Regeneron) are coming and Moderna or Pfizer or Oxford or JnJ, etc. are gonna make a vaccine. 7. Large events, like fairs and sporting events, ain’t happening. 8. Humans are astoundingly adaptable. just my $.02. Oh and it’s snowing!!
  9. We had small hail and roughly 45mph winds. then snow on Friday night Saturday. I hope hindsight lets me forget 2020.
  10. Annnnnnd here comes the apocalypse to finish us off. Insane thunder and lightning 2020 bout to finish us off...
  11. Thankfully I build one out in my basement. Huge Peloton guy. Tread and bike. LIFE SAVER. I know you're more weights but you can go find some big rocks and carry them around the house for miles on end given it's size. Just a thought.
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