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  1. Just took this pic of a sweet Solar Halo up here in the FLX!
  2. MesoBanding

    Banter Thread: Winter 2018-19 Edition

    Absolutes and the weather cannot and do not coexist.
  3. All the time up here. That’s what makes it fake
  4. Of course it will - always does but 20 miles over 108+ hours is nothing.
  5. That’s like 40 miles or less and even less longitudinally!
  6. FWIW that fake IVT/Norlun was modeled remarkably well from a distance given how finicky they can be.
  7. I mean, regardless of outcome, how sweet is it to have two more suites of the Euro and EPS. Further work productivity decline and relationship friction imminent this winter....
  8. A tick here, a tick there...
  9. Meh. IVT = Fake snow
  10. I hear you man - but at least you have the best of the best headed in the right direction for now.
  11. That’s a pretty major jump N and W by the Euro and EPS. That’s all I’d care about for now. Still so much time to go for you guys!!
  12. I stand by this from last Thursday. headed to bed - good luck tonight y’all!
  13. Helpful guys. Thank you for taking the time to answer.