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  1. Perfect timing of the outer edge stacked clouds and the sunrise! Thanks bud! Looking forward to tracking soon and our conversations to share our thoughts.
  2. I took this sunrise shot this AM over Skaneateles Lake. We were on the outer edge of the remnants of Nestor and it allowed for a sensational show!
  3. There are so many hilarious responses to this but I have promised Geoff and Patrick I will be good...
  4. So great. I think the idea of having the Air Force fly planes counter to the winds of the hurricane - along with the navy sailing ships in the same fashion - to change the course of a hurricane is low key genius...
  5. Having a CAT 5 stall over you for hours is simply unreal. The images will be beyond catastrophic.
  6. Let me drive this home more. This was only a day earlier for Irma!! Hurricanes are anomalous systems and truly powerful ones like this only get the chance to be modeled and analyzed in real time maybe once every couple of years. Expect surprises one way or another...
  7. Remember when Hurricane Irma got super strong and then fooled all the models and stayed South of guidance and got eaten up by Cuba and then up the Keys? This almost feels like a bit more northerly version of this one and I wonder how much it’s power messes with the modeling as @CCB! pointed out.... (picture is Irma)
  8. And with newest data ingested. This is starting to behave like a winter storm. Is this the SW ticks?
  9. Yeah. I was kidding. Took me 7 times to spell trochoidal correctly. And I'm still not sure I got it right.
  10. Clearly, clearly trochoidal wobble. I can spot them in my sleep.
  11. Really? I don’t see that at 78...
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