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  1. Hope everyone is okay. The images and videos are insane having grown up and lived down there most of my life. I’m buying land in Greenland for my kids.
  2. Worried for my Dad in Middletown NJ. This cell looks serious. Any tornadic possibility here?
  3. Pretty obvious wobble North on radar and satellite. Hoping it’s just that…or it wobbles back West a bit.
  4. As storms get more powerful. As the fires rage, the ice melts and the water runs dry - we all best be prepared for the climate refugees and think hard about where we live. It’s truly one of the reasons why I moved when and where I did. Prayers up for those in Ida’s path, especially those who lack the means to get out of her way - or perhaps worse, those who lack the family and friends in their lives willing, able or even here on Earth, to help them.
  5. What I find most fitting about your post - which SO had me going and triggered by the way - is that you can swap terajoules for pounds and it still works quite well.
  6. Looks like a mini Italy if you zoom in. …odd since Henri is French.
  7. Any weather related reason to post yet?
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