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  1. State of the pack. I believe this is it given the weekend incoming...
  2. And while y’all smell and take pics of the flowers - it’s snowing here.
  3. 114” which seems like a lot but is slightly below average and we had 160” last year. Looks like it’s pretty much over which is fine by me. Time to !
  4. I was 5 and remember this so vividly because this was the night I lost my first tooth. I just made that up.
  5. Super cool that NCEP unretired the DGEX and gave it a new name.
  6. Interesting. I work in Life Sciences so this makes this word continue to jump to the top of my big boy word list via @Isotherm.
  7. On and off snow showers again today. Sometimes blitzing with huge flakes.
  8. I’m so going to use propinquity on a work call today. ...after I look it up and practice.
  9. Remarkable, even hilarious irony in this given you’re in Florida.
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