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  1. We often doo doo on this model - but for the system this weekend it was the coldest days ago and never wavered up here. Nearly all models have trended that way to some decent backside snow. Perhaps blind Germans can find schnitzel...
  2. This isn’t scientific (at least I don’t think) but I recall some of the biggies were step downs as is being depicted. This weekend is predominately rain, next week some snow and ice to rain and then... just sayin’...
  3. Can you imagine that Sunday wrapping gifts and having a drink with the fire going and football on mute with Christmas music playing while it’s ripping snow outside? dreams.
  4. I just got back from coaching my son’s basketball team and must say I thoroughly enjoyed the past few pages and some of the walk down memory lane. I really don’t have much or an ego, sense of humor or personality so I can’t relate to some of it, but I do wish you all feet of snow!
  5. This weekend. I haven’t seen today’s yet but we were trending colder for some backside. Geoff’s description sounds like rain.
  6. Y’all officially have whiter lawns than me now on December 11th! Pretty cool! Congrats on the snow!
  7. Y’all are gonna have whiter lawns than me on December 11th! Cray.
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