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  1. My 8 year old randomly just drew this and showed it to me. sharing here for good luck to you all!
  2. Dude. They’re always faster than progged (you know this) and this air mass isn’t marginal. Good luck.
  3. FWIW the RGEM absolutely nailed yesterday’s amounts here. Nothing was close. good base. good luck guys.
  4. It’s “barely” gotten below freezing here the last 10 days. Insane!!!
  5. Patrick made an epic post in banter and then we all remembered there is a banter thread. and now we are here from there.
  6. With all due respect - absolutely no way. This is my work phone and if I showed you what I’m seeing... Yeah.
  7. In an aside, some of the ads I’m seeing are quite, well, eye opening...
  8. @NJwxguy78 that should be it’s own thread Patrick. Well done.
  9. I’ve written something similar and kind of phased it out over the course of a tracking session by weenies. I think Penn State, Millersville and DuPage have cited it multiple times - particularly when they are clueless on what’s going to happen.
  10. That top map is exactly what my last post referred to. Can’t recall so much agreement with models and ensembles at this range. It’s scary. did the models unionize over the weekend???
  11. Classic Thump to snizzle for almost all of us IMHO. Modeling is way too consistent and in agreement for me to deviate. Blend them all and nearly all of us get to have some fun. One thing I will note is that these SWFE tend to fly in faster than modeled. And that’s exactly what you want here too...
  12. It can’t take all the model agreement. It thinks they’re broken.
  13. When @CCB! is wowing at jet streak maps y’all best pay attention.
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