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  1. Yessir. Here’s what @wxmd529 was alluding to. This was this weekend. Look at the difference!!
  2. We are at about 80” but a huge amount of that has been in February and it’s been cold so little melting. Most areas are below average up here. We get more than Syracuse due to being a bit more favorable for LES. For instance we got 12” this weekend and Syracuse only 15 miles away - only got a couple!
  3. Absolutely blitzing up here. I think some of you downstream are going to have an over performer here!!
  4. I hope not. It snowed on May 11th here last year! I’m ready for golf by then!
  5. I’m not a good measure guy to be honest. But we had about 18 compacted inches so I would guess another 12” or so and still ripping. Or like 4 total chickens. @NJwxguy78
  6. Amazing event going on here. @wxmd529 sorry I missed your post the other day - work and unfortunate family issues have me busy. But there is nothing quite like an LES event!
  7. Some great band names in here: - Best Rap Group: “Capped Bullets” - Best Grunge: “Crossed Needles” - Best Alt Rock: “Stellar Dendrites” - Best Folk Duo: “Arrowhead Twins” - Best Pop Punk: “Irregulars” - Best Metal: “Skeletal Forms” - Best Christian: “12 Branched Stars”
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