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  1. What's wrong ? We need good rates to fight the warm ground but if the gfs and hrdps are right, that shouldn't be a problem.
  2. What didnt I read ? Yes the surface temps are a problem but if we have good rates , that will help it stick better with temps just above freezing if the gfs is right .
  3. We just need better rates to get more snow. The models tonight and tomorrow should be interesting. Gfs has temps near freezing with moderate snow. That will do the trick. Hrdps looks really nice also
  4. I like 1-3. Hopefully the models uptick the qpf tonight. Anyway it has been a nice start to winter with 2 chances of snow with more to come.
  5. Will from the SNE thread on the other forum said he wouldn't be shocked if the models trend up with the qpf. We will see if that happens. He also said that these type of storms like to trend west at the last minute. Interesting storm
  6. Wow going so low. If the gfs is on to something , this will be a few inches even in the city. Have to watch the temps and qpf.
  7. Either the Nam is onto something or it will come back to hurt tonight. The northern stream looks slightly fast on the Nam. That's why we are seeing east solutions now.
  8. Slightly better then the 12z run. Is it me or the Nam doesn't even show it raining in our area.
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