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  1. Very low early turnout once again today for mayor
  2. Mets are still 4 ahead of Philly and 5 of the Braves. Phillies lost and the Braves split the DH.
  3. Mets win the 1st game of the doubleheader by the score of 5-1. Nice start from Peterson. Lindor hit 2hrs and drove in 5rbis.
  4. A statue of Floyd was built in NJ and NYC. What happened to him was sad but come on , he wasn't a hero.
  5. George Floyd’s brother endorses Eric Adams for NYC mayor.
  6. Felt weird walking into a restaurant without a mask and no temperature taken .
  7. https://elitesportsny.com/2021/06/16/breaking-mlb-analyst-includes-yankees-judge-in-widespread-cheating-claims/
  8. Mets win !! 3 straight against the Cubs Hopefully Degrom isn't out for too long 10 games over .500 35-25
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