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  1. Coronavirus News: New COVID cases in NY top 900 for first time in 3 weeks https://abc7ny.com/health/new-covid-cases-in-ny-top-900-for-first-time-in-3-weeks/6295406/ Cuomo worried
  2. NY pools will be open this weekend Face masks out of the pool 50 percent capacity Social distancing https://trib.al/X9iFq7H
  3. Cuomo postpones indoor dining for NYC until it is safe to do so and the cases drop across the states. He also said NYC is in trouble ( not sure what that means)
  4. Torrential rain here in Brooklyn Water seeped through the bottom of my windows and started a mini flood. The rain is crazy right now
  5. Gov Murphy just stated that indoor dining will not re open anytime soon due to the latest outbreaks in some states.
  6. Cuomo calls on Trump to sign executive order requiring face masks https://www.fox5ny.com/news/cuomo-calls-on-trump-to-sign-executive-order-requiring-face-masks
  7. Yikes https://abc7ny.com/health/potential-covid-19-exposure-at-ny-graduation-health-officials/6274645/
  8. Fauci warns latest outbreaks could spread widely https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/504791-fauci-warns-latest-outbreaks-could-spread-widely
  9. Officials: 2nd COVID-19 wave starting in Philadelphia; mandatory mask order issued https://6abc.com/health/officials-2nd-covid-19-wave-starting-in-philly;-mandatory-mask-order-issued/6271557/
  10. Its really nice to see people eating outside at restaurants here in NY. I cant wait until July to eat inside.
  11. Students in Connecticut will be able to go back to school in the Fall but they have to practice social distance and wear face coverings.
  12. This is how Atlantic City will look when it opens in 2 weeks. https://wpgtalkradio.com/the-new-normal-a-look-inside-an-atlantic-city-casino/
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