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  1. You would think but the models aren't showing it.
  2. Euro is way ots with Sam but then develops another low along the coast rather weak.
  3. I think Teresa forming in the Atlantic creates a weakness for Sam to travel though.
  4. New foundland gets hit on the gfs and cmc. Why did the Ull shift northeastward on the models?
  5. I knew this was going to happen. Too many people not cooperating.
  6. This also goes for School Safety agents in schools. These people rather lose their jobs instead of taking the vaccine. They have to take the vaccine by next week. With my job , it's either vaccine or weekly testing. https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftrib.al%2Flzz3mdh&h=AT2aHkKuKBWxVs_Fyc3U48IEdCsU4yPfYGoxO7p-iTe2iqpcYQBGBNvDnGys5bTm6qPujOOSQGOopCKIYokDfn9mo7Zo4bL3sbLUzn55rwP6wUffIGkBKnqx7GWyd7TdbDfkBcA2diOOwAGLJqrH
  7. NAO is going negative Will this impact the storm?
  8. The position of the ULL will be key to see where Sam tracks. The Ull caught on to Sam on the CMC.
  9. 59 here in Brooklyn Lovely crisp morning
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