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  1. Wow I have never seen this amount of rain before. Torrential downpours
  2. Getting really nasty here Heavy rain with gusty winds Working right now
  3. Upper 70s and low 80s for highs next week Beautiful weather coming
  4. 12z Ukie Models are signaling a home grown system but this looks like a fish storm with the incoming trough coming through.
  5. Hopefully things get active soon. Very boring tropical season.
  6. Snowman11

    2019 Mets

    Pete Alonso now has 40 hrs and 95 rbis 1st National League rookie to hit 40hrs in mlb history. He is 2 hrs away from breaking the Mets hr record .
  7. The last 2 days have been miserable in Wildwood and now back home. Power just flickered here at my house
  8. Crappy weather down here in Wildwood. My gf and I just walked on the boardwalk but it's about to rain again. On and off rain all day.
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