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  1. 58 right now here in Brooklyn Beautiful morning
  2. 71 here in Brooklyn . AC on in the car.
  3. Euro is going to have another upgrade today
  4. Going back to my doctor in December to see if I still have antibodies from the 2nd shot.
  5. That winter was brutal . I appreciate all the long range forecasts but after the last 2 winters , I take them with a grain of salt.
  6. Gfs won another battle Euro has fallen off a cliff
  7. Cmc and Euro are wet for Sunday while the GFS is dry. NYC area.
  8. I have my A.C on right now Awful for October
  9. No shock that the majority of NYC teachers have now taken the vaccine after complaining about it. Why would anyone want to lose their job over this ?
  10. Today is going to be insane Redsox , Yankees , Jays and Mariners play at 3pm today.
  11. Maybe but do you think every parent wants their kid vaccinated ?
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