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  1. Don't make sense using Plots off of OLD GFS data not the new one..Storm still 2 days away before being somewhat resolved
  2. If the Northern Stream fazes in its a bomb off the coast.. That part is TBD with Dropsonde info tonight and definitely over next couple days should have our answer whether this is something or nothing for Tri state.
  3. Yeah lets not spike the ball just yet still 5 days away..
  4. I'm not for Punting another event to "Possibly" help a later event when the winter is rapidly dwindling already.. If we can possibly get a few inches this weekend even then take it and run..
  5. I would say not a trend in any direction with that models have been all over the place and will continue to fluctuate until Thurs at least before all the sampling is available.
  6. It is best run of the morning snow wise for area thus far but obviously take with grain of salt .. still nice to see
  7. The reason for optimism is just about every model is showing a big storm next weekend just the where and when is what needs to be worked out..
  8. GFS would be a blizzard verbatim .. connective feedback with latent heat..
  9. This was few hrs ago don’t matter it’s recent but obviously long way to go..
  10. Says u ..if there is a storm on coast there will be rain to snow at very least .. this suggests big snow..
  11. Exactly don’t mind a good soaker in non winter months but at this point it’s just a slap in the face..
  12. Or driving Snow In your case.. you would be better off in Arizona come to think of it dry most of the year.
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