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  1. Well everybody was pushing for it to go east since yesterday than all the good moisture stays out over the water. Would of been better off letting Western NJ and Eastern PA get creamed with how models were yesterday afternoon.
  2. That looks like a different storm than one I'm seeing and your further SE..Wow
  3. Here in Somerset at work down to light snow temps remain above freezing little has been sticking on roads to begin with here so hoping temps drop a bit and bands fill in or this will not reach the 5-8 inches predicted by NWS here.
  4. Well he is known to not be a snow lover but his report about conditions were accurate however the radar and what was gonna happen later is still up in the air..
  5. This is the truth however lets see how radar looks later to see if heavier bands make it into Somerset county after dark.
  6. Doesn't mean we wont get the amount predicted however especially after dark should be easier to stick. Are temps expected to drop in next few hours ?
  7. According to NWS we are squarely within the heaviest bands later today 6+
  8. Are temps expected to drop much later on ? seeing a lot of temps still above freezing..
  9. So Parts of western NJ and EPA are 2/3 less than most of the runs all day but let’s just brush over that fact..
  10. Still need precip to come south a bit harsh cutoff but def improvement if your in the deform area..
  11. Gfs gives me an inch the lowest any other model gives is 4”.. most well over that so wonder why I might just disregard it.
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