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  1. you guys have a long ways to go with this as the flooding is only going to get worse over next few days unfortunately ..the rains will probably last through tomorrow.
  2. Yikes there will be places receiving 40-50 inches of rain in 3 day period..
  3. Well reports of 30+ inches have fallen since yesterday on coast( Atlantic beach ) so there is that... called 1000 yr flooding event by local officials..
  4. BlizzardBill

    Little Storm that could ( April 02 Threat)

    I’m gonna venture to say part of the lack of interest is it’s a holiday weekend plus it’s early April plus it’s a fast mover and expected to melt by Monday afternoon and by tues will be gone.
  5. Im JUSSST S/E enough to get into some of love coming off the ocean. Missing the absolute best stuff but enough of it is making it over my way for moderate snow and have added another inch or so last hr.
  6. the way this is moving there will be many more hours of snow for some areas.
  7. Snow different than few hours ago fluffier and more consistent sticking very quickly now almost doubled my totals in last hour and half.
  8. Heaviest snow today now roads finally getting covered..
  9. I hear ya but how do places in PA and even down in Del have roads completely covered ? Easton has 9" I have 2" they are 30 miles almost directly to the West.Im in Moderate bands but nothing like the stuff I saw 2 weeks ago when I received 10" from noon to 5,,Roads had 6 inches of snow on them.
  10. Flakes fluffier now starting to stick just a bit more on pavement.
  11. Wow Euro saying this storm sticks around for awhile.
  12. You guys benefited from the Low moving further west than Progged getting into Heaviest banding. The pics I have seen from PA posters look like different storm than whats happening around here.
  13. Alot of places are sticking on roads my Buddy lives in Dover Del and his roads are covered when he was in 2" per hour band. Here in I95 Corridor we are just getting the Light to Moderate snow which is sticking OK on grass but not roads. With Low being so far West Eastern PA has benefitted. Im assuming some of that heavier stuff pivots over I95 corridor later this afternoon and tonight. Also, will storm Deepening colder air will be pulled in later so temps should drop a couple degrees along with less sun angle. The bulk of the accumulation should happen between between 3pm and midnight for alot of places.
  14. Yup same here still have not hit that next threshold of Snow "RIPPING" to really cover pavement. Hoping we get into some of that banding as we are still a LOOOONG way from Mt. Holly Totals around here. Maybe later this afternoon and tonight we pick up the pace.
  15. Here in Hillsborough heaviest snow of day still moderate but has picked up last 40 minutes. Still blacktop however.