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  1. Puking snow in Hillsborough heaviest of this winter officially..
  2. That is fine but not always accurate either I know I had over 4” as of 8am yesterday I didn’t take official measurement so not gonna argue over it..
  3. Well I live in Hillsborough had close to 5” and tonight expect 8” so there is that .. you are noted snow hater so not surprising..
  4. I like hunterdon and somerset county to post some of the highest totals.
  5. Just for perspective before this mornings event I had like 10-11” total this winter almost got half that this morning 5”.. expect another 6” tomorrow..and I’m sure you still have waaay more than that living up there..
  6. Umm it’s a fast mover .. still looks like 11hr storm if u look at time stamps..
  7. Not in NJ this is at least 8 hr storm u would think.. 6” even if it ends early Monday morning will do trick..
  8. My buddy in branchburg officially measured 5” looks like somerset county did well for once.
  9. Disagree 2-4 is a very safe call for tomorrow RGEM has 4-6 some areas ..
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