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  1. I need to see similar runs come thurs..to put lock on it.
  2. So you don’t think Monday / tues will be much bigger then today ? U must think complete miss then. Btw- today is bust as far as I’m concerned I was pegged for 4+ for like 5 days then over weekend this fell apart. Now just getting sleet with barely any snow.
  3. Currently Heavy sleet with a few flakes mixed in.
  4. Yeah that’s crazy shows you even if this looks like a lock getting widespread big scow totals is never easy and the bullseye is rarely apparent until game time.
  5. The Dec storm was very consistent on most of the models from day 7 to day 3 once we got in a bit closer to game time we saw models pushing most of the big totals upstate much further then models showed a couple days before. I got about 6/7” from that storm was seeing 18” over my area in north central NJ 4/5 days before it started. Like I said yesterday if the signal remains consistent the next few days then we know we are actually getting a storm as we move to the weekend we can better determine what areas will receive the most snow and how far north or East it will go..,
  6. This is a just miss run wow.. imagine if it all came together your talking 2 feet plus..
  7. CMC is good with potential to get even better with that said the signal being there is the main thing locking it in won’t be for another few days.
  8. Yup we are all like addicts that need a fix but still have to take the snow goggles off as tomorrow and thurs fri mostly non event still very fresh in my mind as a week to go with both those looked great as well.
  9. Hard to get too invested for next Monday yet will take a little more serious if we get to Thurs and and still looks legit remember at same lead time for tomorrow’s event we were looking at a major storm. Then on last Friday for this Thursday/ Friday event saw a MECS on GFS.
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