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  1. Or driving Snow In your case.. you would be better off in Arizona come to think of it dry most of the year.
  2. Yes in this case looks to be correct..I think Higher elevations might hold out longer but the look of 5-6 inches for a lot of people from a day or two ago looks shot..
  3. Of course your not seeing it is anybody surprised if a BLizzard warning was in effect you would call for light snow..LOL
  4. Gfs nice 4-5 inch hit for some West of city but nyc also in game for 2-3 like euro..
  5. The gfs has had 4+ inches in north central NJ for 4 straight days every run..if I see the numbers dip on that then will get concerned but until meso models are viable riding the gfs as it has lead the way.. for many including myself could be biggest snowfall this winter thus far which isn’t saying much but will be a welcome sight..
  6. GFS is still 4-6 N/W of the city in same places it has been showing it last 4 days straight.. very consistent.
  7. U get a layer of snow and or sleet on ground followed by ZR then it could be a problem especially on power lines.. Doubtful roads get too bad but we shall see if RGEM is right there will be some problems.
  8. Well everybody was pushing for it to go east since yesterday than all the good moisture stays out over the water. Would of been better off letting Western NJ and Eastern PA get creamed with how models were yesterday afternoon.
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