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  1. Winter Weather Advisory URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Binghamton NY 1152 AM EST Sat Dec 15 2018 NYZ045-046-057-062-PAZ048-161700- /O.NEW.KBGM.WW.Y.0035.181216T0700Z-181217T0100Z/ Chenango-Otsego-Delaware-Sullivan-Pike- Including the cities of Norwich, Oneonta, Delhi, Walton, Monticello, and Milford 1152 AM EST Sat Dec 15 2018 ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 2 AM TO 8 PM EST SUNDAY... * WHAT... A mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain will develop by sunrise and last through most of the day tomorrow before changing to a period of snow during the late afternoon and early evening. Ice accumulations may exceed a tenth of an inch with snow and sleet accumulations up to and over an inch in spots. * WHERE...In Pennsylvania, Pike County. In New York, Chenango, Otsego, Delaware and Sullivan Counties. * WHEN...From 2 AM to 8 PM EST Sunday.
  2. PononoWX

    Your YTD snow totals Winter 2017-18

    Very satisfied with winters here in the Northern Poconos. We average around 70-80” at my elevation of 1800’. On a good year we break 90”. The nice part is I’m far enough from the coastal plain to avoid the coastal taint of mix bags of precipt but still close enough to benefit from “most” Nor’easters except for the occasional sharp cut-off like this current storm. Coastal huggers is our bread & butter. When NJ/NYC rains or sleets we clean house. Obviously at this elevation our temps average a good 8-10 degrees colder than NJ/NYC which makes a world of difference in overrunning events with marginal cold air. Plus it really helps to maintain our snow base/white ground. Most years we keep a white ground 70% of the time from November-March. We also get quite a bit of small 1-2” events from LES streamers, i stopped logging them down for my totals because it’s just too many and a nursance to record. The winter scenery up here by Lake Wallenpaupack is breathtaking. Been living here for 6 years now and I still catch myself stopping just to absorbs the beauty during winter months. Almost so beautiful it’s make you wanna puke! Lol. First year I moved out here I kept my job in Parsippany, NJ and made that 80 mile trip everyday. The change in scenery from the time I left my house till I got to Parsippany was like day & night. Went from a winter wonderland to bare concrete and pavement in a 1.5 hour drive. FYI: Little unknown fact - The classic holiday song “Winter Wonderland” was written by the author who grew up up here in our little hamlet of Honesdale. The scenery outside his bedroom window inspired him to write that song. Tells you how beautiful it’s up here ?
  3. Would it be too much to ask for everyone that is reporting OBS to at least state your location so the rest have a clue where the hell you are! Lol
  4. “X” marks the spot. Pure Virga. 24°F -4°C Humidity 88% Wind Speed NE 13 G 28 mph Barometer 29.64 in (1005.9 mb) Dewpoint 21°F (-6°C) Visibility 1.00 mi Wind Chill 12°F (-11°C)
  5. PononoWX

    March 20-22 Winter Storm Threat Part I

    What site can one get the latest RPM run?
  6. PononoWX

    March 20-22 Winter Storm Threat Part I

    I NEVER cancel winter up here in the Northern Poconos at 1800’ elevation until mid-April.
  7. PononoWX

    March 20-22 Winter Storm Threat Part I

    CMC as the only outlier showing a northern turn now starting to trend south to the other consensus could be the final nail in this coffin for folks further north. Still some time left but that time is running out. 100 points for stating the obvious ?
  8. PononoWX

    March 20-22 Winter Storm Threat Part I

    Of course not. Has to be taken into consideration. There have been other times where the outlier has scored the coup on the rest of the consensus. Is it likely? Probably not. Law averages against it. Have to go with the consensus at this point until we see other guidance at least making some sort of corrections to it. There are slight hints that those corrections “might” be forthcoming.
  9. PononoWX

    March 20-22 Winter Storm Threat Part I

    The irony of suppression in March never escapes me
  10. PononoWX

    March 20-22 Winter Storm Threat Part I

    I warned people who were all giddy with glee when we had Spring in February. Now it looks like we’ll get February in Spring
  11. PononoWX

    March 20-22 Winter Storm Threat Part I

    Youre a good sport, I was just teasing. I grew up in Newark. NJ so I know that NYC climo very well. I do miss those all-out blizzards though on the coast. Very rarely we get blizzard warnings up here since we’re usually too far away for the sustained intense winds.
  12. PononoWX

    March 20-22 Winter Storm Threat Part I

    We received just over 40” at my elevation in the Poconos from those three storms combineed. I’ll be more than happy to send you 6” of those so you can hit an even 10” ?
  13. PononoWX


  14. Ha! We call you folks “Flat Landers”. ?