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  1. DarknessNJ

    Banter Thread: Winter 2018-19 Edition

    After what seems like an eternity following this storm; this is all I have left.
  2. DarknessNJ

    Are you an untagged Meteorologist?

    I mean..I’ve been doing this since I was 10 now 32 and do create private forecasts for landscaping companies across the country. No schooling except the 22 years of experience teaching myself. Does that count as any sort of tag here? @33andrain
  3. Tornados and 70 degree next weekend let’s do it!
  4. Nah, there’s more coming behind it that you can’t see on the nam past 84 hours.
  5. At least the 6z fv3 phases 6 hours earlier. Baby steps. LOL! I’ve lost my mind on this one.
  6. Yeah I was finally able to get on my laptop.
  7. I honestly forget. Ok enough banter before we get slaps on the fingers.
  8. Boxing Day blizzard was the greatest come back in the history of tracking. I’m pretty sure 24 hours out that came back WAY west and slammed the coastal areas it was amazing. Now I always hold onto false hope.
  9. Enjoy NC/VA folks. im holding on good for philly until Saturday 12z. i know this isn’t gonna change but I’ve been tracking for over a week going down to the wire and down with the ship. i just can’t admit defeat.
  10. Towel in hand. Sigh.
  11. Been tracking this since last Wednesday. I’ve had enough. I wanna see some positives starting tomorrow night and Saturday. That’s our final window. We’ve seen crazy swings before when we sample. i have no patience to track the 14th storm. But I’m a weenie and will do it anyway. hoping for good 00z runs back in the right direction.
  12. This non phase is fishy to me. It’s so close and doesn’t wanna play? We could see some major adjustments 48 hours out. or the models are right and this never was our storm. God forbid our area stayed a bullseye for 5 days and it actually happened....
  13. LOVE IT! Great surprise! Up to 7” for November and early decsmber...nice.