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  1. Snow beginning to accumulate here
  2. I've made a front end interface for the satellite images. Data is available in 3 different bands - visible imagery, water vapor, and infrared. A new image is made every 5 minutes with CONUS data. Enjoy!
  3. I'm now getting data from GOES-16 on the winter storm... no front end interface yet though but that will come soon
  4. I-95 isn't receiving max snow totals
  5. I got an inch or two, grass partially covered
  6. I'm going to have satellite loops up on this system beginning tomorrow evening
  7. There isn't much snowpack in a lot of the areas expected to be hit by ZR, at least north of Philly
  8. Not sure about ratios but I do know the p-type will be snow, I'm expecting low 20s during the event
  9. A trend north? Looks like I'm back into the firing line of the storm
  10. Just a suggestion: modeled ZR is usually too high, as the the latent heat release from freezing tends to warm up the sfc, causing a change to rain. The only way for there to be very large ice amounts is for there to be a supply of very cold air that keeps the sfc below freezing (as well as the warm layer above staying intact), or for there to be a very long duration but light precip intensity ZR event.
  11. NotSparta

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    this assumes the atmosphere is a sentient being
  12. Was expecting a significant snow on Saturday, looks like a repeat of November. So far no significant snow in this area since last winter
  13. NotSparta

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    wx apps tend to be pretty unreliable in general
  14. Trend to a little less snow for me I would attach a gif, but it's not uploading properly