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  1. Just don't look for accumulations, the sun angle will be in September territory soon
  2. Man, I'm so tired of the cold. Luckily I'm headed to Florida, but I hope spring arrives before I get back
  3. I know y'all will be jealous of me, but it looks like I got about 8-10 inches yesterday, depends where I am. Being near the shores of Lake Ontario pumped up the totals
  4. -NAO looks a bit weak to me, but it's also smoothed out. I think it'd be better for me to predict the NAO (& other indices) how @antmasiello_HM does it, once I actually understand lol
  5. Likely since the increased moisture means increased warm layer, leading to sleet. The drier air is cooler & results in snow
  6. Usually, after a SSW, the SPV strengthens rapidly, usually becoming stronger than normal (I have heard this referred to as a "Sudden Stratospheric Cooling")
  7. Awesome! Definitely need organization given how big the forum is
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