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  1. I don’t understand all of this doom and gloom surrounding the city. Sure the temps will be marginal, but most of this falls before sunrise and in the morning hours. We’ll be fine. It just won’t last long
  2. it's still a very solid run, keeps the swath of snow consistent
  3. Why does this look so much different than pivotalweather and tropicaltidbits maps?
  4. holy crap lol where did this come from? i was offline for 2 days lol
  5. Based on the 3hr snow totals, looks like were about to see an increase on the 15z plumes
  6. Oh and then it ends with a mega band over the city at hr 48 still puking snow
  7. RGEM holds serve but the hrdps slightly warmer and west, but alot of the rain at the city shouldve been snow, still 2-4 in the city
  8. compared to where the city looked last night after the 0z runs we should be thrilled.
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