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  1. Air travel tomorrow afternoon should be interesting
  2. This does not take into account the potential for underlying health issues such as obesity, respiratory illnesses, hypertension, etc.
  3. I mean hasn't this been obvious for a while now? There's going to be so many people untested.
  4. Monmouth University has closed for the rest of the week, student being tested
  5. Well not everyone has an impeccable immune system. Some of us have loved ones that probably wouldn’t stand a bad case of pneumonia.
  6. It....already did... They just contained it well enough that the number is leveling off steadily. We need a lockdown to contain this thing
  7. Uhhh the opposite actually. It’s been said the more aggressive one is that continues to spread
  8. The rate is higher right now because we can literally only test those that are already in critical condition. You can bet thousands might have already had it and gotten over it. Patients are being turned away if they are showing symptoms that aren't severe, which is crazy to me.
  9. I haven’t seen one source that has obesity as a high risk factor. BP and cardiovascular disease, sure.
  10. Anyone know of a fire going south of newark airport? Im at EWR now and there’s been a giant plume of black smoke coming from the south
  11. does the eps still keep things warm in regards to coastal sections?
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