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  1. Seems like a significant uptick in GEFS members showing a hit on the 12th
  2. The ensembles are coming in more supportive.
  3. 2'-3' in the PHL-NYC corridor wow, though id say that scenario has the same likelihood as the 6z nam
  4. It really doesn't tho, its the only model that brings that Low that far north
  5. It seems like you’re underestimating the cold air in place and overestimating the amount of precip that will fall as a mix.
  6. Air travel tomorrow afternoon should be interesting
  7. This does not take into account the potential for underlying health issues such as obesity, respiratory illnesses, hypertension, etc.
  8. I mean hasn't this been obvious for a while now? There's going to be so many people untested.
  9. Monmouth University has closed for the rest of the week, student being tested
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