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  1. Back to puking snow in staten island. 80/20 snow to sleet
  2. SREFs look lovely, 3” Mean for LGA with a nice cluster between 3-5
  3. FWIW the RAP is showing a solid 3-6 for the area last few runs
  4. Consensus seems to be an area wide 3-6/4-8 system with the potential to increase to 6-10. Can't really complain about where we stand with the snow pack we have right now. Seems to be a nice 8-10 of heavy snow Sunday throughout the day.
  5. The ARW’s performed terribly for the last storm. Surprisingly the NMB’s had the higher, more accurate totals. As is the case here.
  6. Very nice agreement for the most part for a widespread 2-4" event
  7. I usually shave an inch or two off those stormvista maps, just a personal preference to keep expectations in check lol
  8. SREF with a 3.5” mean for LGA, id say we’re 2 for 2 tonight
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