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  1. Hrrr and rap are very warm, about 4 hours of snow then changeover to sleet for the metro on both models
  2. he's a monster. glad all the bats are waking up, team is scary
  3. stanton batting 4th. I was in the stadium for the embarrassment we called a game on Tuesday. Disgraceful game all around.
  4. And the award for idiot of the year goes to
  5. but they haven't played each other yet. Just talking out of your ass
  6. Absolutely dumping in Staten Island. Looked like we were headed for a dull then this band developed.
  7. and this is why this forum completely blows wx twitter out of the water. Intelligent people trying to teach meteorology instead of posting every single snow map that's released.
  8. I believe there's a separate page for personal forecasts.
  9. Deep thunder nailed the blizzard earlier in the month and the masive bust in nyc?
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