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  1. Just heard a loud clap of thunder hear in Brookville ny. Very dark out too. Hope everyone stays safe out there!
  2. Only if this happened in the winter time. Timing always seems off lol.
  3. This pattern is really depressing. The one good thing we won’t have a drought after all the rain we have received this year.
  4. Some nice storms moving through but yea this pattern really sucks right now!!
  5. It was so nice out today now here comes the unsettled weather. Hope we can get some nice consistent weather soon. I started a new job and haven’t been on here as much. Hope you all are doing great!
  6. Yes it’s time for spring temps please. The only good thing right now is it’s light out earlier in the morning.
  7. Thanks for the information you have passed on through here!!!
  8. I can’t wait to learn some more about Sever thunderstorms. Don’t know much about tracking them.
  9. Where is the mid level warmth that’s will change us lol jk
  10. Nope thank you! Glad you got a good storm with this one.
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