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  1. Yes I feel the same way. I just want to help. Saw 3 patients today. Also my fiancé and I have been transporting mask that people have been making for the health care workers and first responders.
  2. That’s is very true. Just feel there is always two sides and there shouldn’t be at all. There are data and facts that’s what we have to look at. Agreed.
  3. I really do hate this political beef that happens from time to time. Can’t we all get along. We are here now and just have to make the best of it. Both sides are right as it’s a pandemic which is never easy since we are trying to salvage as many lives as we can and also not destroy the economy as this will also destroy lives. This isn’t easy at all. Just hope everyone stays safe the best way we can. #oneloveforall
  4. Hope you are staying safe ! Yes my fiancé and I are watching ozark. So good
  5. Yes true. There is such a fine line with this. As with the medical aspect and financial. I still feel like someone is following all of us with a video camera recording us like cloverfield Lol
  6. I’m sure like any model that there is always a lag time. Prob of 1-2 weeks like we see on the weather models when cold is supposed to come and gets pushed back. Though i hope I’m wrong lol. Hope you are feeling well.
  7. have to hope for an Arron judge type first at bat in the MLB here. Monster shot to dead center into monument park lol
  8. Like I said I could see anything being possible. We usually can only draw conclusion of past experiences or close enough experiences. I guess I’m just hopeful that it won’t happen like that for the individuals that are in that line of work.
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