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  1. Is there a dislike button lol.
  2. Yea I don’t like this one bit . It’s been bouncing around the past two days. Which is normal. Well it can rain just not Friday:)
  3. Of course it will rain next Friday!! Have no luck when it comes with events and weather
  4. Love this weather!! Hopefully it will continue till end of next week
  5. I guess I shouldn’t be driving my self crazy looking 300+ hours out to the 8th lmao!! Sometimes i wish i was like regular folk to only see what’s on the tv haha. Gfs diff thing each run lol
  6. Yea looks like we have a busy October on our hands Hopefully we can dodge the bullets. Don’t need anymore rain up here or flooding
  7. Yea Canadian and euro show you what can happen if the ULL grabs it abs pulls it in. Not looking good!!
  8. Yes this looks to be the key. Looks like from the 1st to 5th we need to watch out for this as of now.
  9. Yea that’s going to be the key I think. Where dose the cut off go and where is sam. The further south the ULL is I think determines where Sam might head into.
  10. Looks like th cut off low pulls Sam into Maine however another low pressure forms?
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