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  1. Am I grasping at straws here but wouldn’t having the inland areas having a good snow pack be helpful for maybe last week of Jan storm? If it can’t snow with this weekend storm to the coast I would think the snow could keep it colder a little closer?
  2. Might be a dumb question but could the wild fires in Australia and the volcano eruptions be cousins for the MJO to become unfavorable for our sensible weather?
  3. 3 inches and ripping a little sleet mixing in tho. Love this weather and hobby!!
  4. And maybe next week gives ya a coastal and rain lol. However we shall track!!
  5. It’s so nice out!! Maybe we can get 3 inches out of this system. Push the sessional to 9 inches would be nice. In a bad pattern.
  6. 2 inches in the drive way here in Brookville Long Island. North shore Nassau county. So nice out
  7. Looks like about 4 hours of frozen precip then rain for nyc metro and Long Island.
  8. Doesn’t the c stand for coastal?
  9. So the earlier the storm would come in the better it be for the coast ? Later would mean warm air comes in quicker ?
  10. Finally all the hard work everyone has put in so far will be justified by some big storm potential !! #wetrack
  11. Wouldn’t the high off the coast bring warm air off the ocean ?
  12. Nicky chaboy @Nchaboy twitter account thanks.
  13. Would be Interesting if it happened like that. I think it was like 7-10 days later after severe weather watch out. And some of the models are now hinting at storms 7-10 days later then this weekends warmth and storms.
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