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  1. This is going to impact the Yankees game wed and Thursday. Rain wed and winds Thursday. Going to feel like October baseball.
  2. Going be a great season tracking and learning with all of you !!!
  3. That was a intense run!! Felt like winter storm tracking in here!! This could be a bad situation for sure for the tri-State area.
  4. I just want to say thanks to everyone that has been posting on the tropical systems. I have not really grasped a lot on tropical systems however trying to understand more before I say the wrong think and make a fool out of myself . Thanks again everyone.
  5. I’ll take it. I have a flight in from St. Louis to LaGuardia That lands at 4 this afternoon. Maybe I’ll have a shot to get home lol.
  6. I’m supposed to fly back home Tuesday afternoon. Looks like delays might be in order lol.
  7. I was at the Yankees game today. It was so hot my buddies and I could only do like first -third innings then had to move to shade. So hot!!
  8. I’m so ready for this stuff again lol
  9. Def was hot out there today though wasn’t to bad as humidity was not to bad. Next week is gonna be a sticky situation pun intended lol. Yanks game will be hot on Saturday.
  10. Not sure if this belongs here but I wonder if the eruptions of the volcanos will mess up the weather patterns the next several months. ?!
  11. Just heard a loud clap of thunder hear in Brookville ny. Very dark out too. Hope everyone stays safe out there!
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