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  1. Light snow and mix here in Franklin square
  2. Interesting though I know this is far out considering how theses things change
  3. Is the IVT signature still showing up on the model’s?
  4. This just for that storm? Or for tomorrow as well?
  5. Didn’t @earthlight mention the other day he was already looking at late jan early feb storm while we all were looking at the storm for Thursday Friday? Hopefully this will pan out
  6. Ok then wasn’t trying to be funny. Just thought the pattern we have been in this year mimics true La Niña. But thanks
  7. Seems like the enso usually wins La Niña will always do what La Niñas do. Not saying you can’t get lucky. Like a great pitcher who is so dominate however makes one mistake and the batter hits a home run. I love baseball analogies
  8. Dose this include the 1-2 inches on Tuesday for the coast of the metro?
  9. For this to to have snow to the coast you need the transfer to be like what the CMC showed and about 100 miles off the coast. I just not sure its gonna be a strong storm if it goes under the block. I could be wrong and prob am lol
  10. Def would need this further off the coast as we know last 72 hours northwest trend again though 180 hours out!
  11. What stinks the most is we started well with the December storm. I did not think that would be it for most of us here. Ugh.
  12. I feel like we are new age batters where it’s launch angle or strike out. We def been on the strike out side of things.
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