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  1. Ant def has a good heart. His unconditional love for weather is amazing. Tho I will say I tend to keep my expectations low bc I can get to high and low when it comes to snow lol.
  2. Measured two inches on the table outside. Here in Brookville Long Island.
  3. Oh ok. I wasn’t sure. I just remember the debacle it was last season lol. Thanks !!
  4. Isn’t the gfs operational still the same one they were testing last year that was always snowier ? I could be wrong tho lol
  5. Wouldn’t the storm on the coast there turn into the temporary block and hold the colder air?
  6. Ended up with 2 inches of snow. Had a couple of nice burst around 11-12 am last night. Fun storm to track. It’s like a drug I want more!! #moretocome
  7. Yep!! I’m glad as they always seem to get more snow up here then I did when I was near the water. Hopefully this trend continues lol
  8. I been staying with my finance family since now I do home care PT in Nassau county. Islip to much traveling lol
  9. Yea I feel ya. Have a good coating here in Brookville. Maybe we can get 2-3 inches out of this system tho.
  10. That was the first thing I thought of. I’m very superstitious lol
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