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  1. Always seems like an on and off switch lol. No dimmer switch
  2. Can someone tell me this is model noise please .
  3. Not what I want to hear lol. Getting married Saturday May 8th. Would really like it not to be rainy as we will be going back to the house after the church but backyard stuff lol
  4. I been vaccinated fully for 3 weeks now. Still testing weekly for my job. Hope everyone is doing well. My future father in law has been in the hospital since Jan 12th with covid and double pneumonia. He is finally feeling better as he is only requiring 4 L o2. Supposed to get married May 8th at the church and moved the reception to October 8th figured it gives more times for peeps to be vaccinated. Oh and I got phizer.
  5. Ugh true I forgot spring here in north east aren’t the greatest lol
  6. Until next year snow!!! Warmth and thunderstorms time for me to learn about thunderstorms and severe weather
  7. It def seems like we get more snowstorms in March then we do December so who knows. The best part of March storms is not much shoveling lol
  8. Made it the whole month of feb with some sort of snow cover !! Not to shabby
  9. Wonder if this has a better chance to deliver some goods for our southern posters if it can interact a little more.
  10. It’s been so nice outside today. Felt great!! see what happens when winter delivers snow during the winter months. We then look forward to warmer weather
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