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  1. I’d say BDB is my tops of the last decade, from the ‘90’s when I was in my teens ‘93 and ‘96. Even though ‘93 changed to rain along the Jersey Shore, the storm was an absolute behemoth in wind and heavy precipitation. ‘96 was nice bc I didn’t have to go to school for 3 days lol. Here’s a pic from the BDB (36” in Brick, NJ). Also, a time lapse from the storm from youtube.
  2. That period in 1994 was terrible. I stepped out of my house to wait for the school van and promptly fell ass over teakettle off my porch (I was living in Northern Monmouth County at the time). That’s when I figured out school was a no-go that day. It seemed like a 2 week period with on and off ice.
  3. Didn’t know where exactly to put this but I’ll put it here. Not sure if anyone has posted it before but it’s really neat (to me as an amateur, anyway).
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