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  1. Could you link that again? I had it (if I'm thinking of the right thing) bookmarked, but it seems to have switched websites
  2. Gonna be some absurd solutions showing up on surface models once the -NAO is established within the medium range.
  3. Same with the 12/9 storm down here. Perfect the cutoff of essentially being DCA and it panned out.
  4. Looks like it's backbuilding to the west as well. Radar is loaded
  5. I guess an interesting difference would be at this point in time for the 12/9 storm models trended the storm south to shut out most of Virginia. However as usually happens in short range, the storm trended north on the models (GFS and Euro most notably) to put DC just beyond the Northern Fringe. Not saying that would happen with the current 1040mb high situation, but it's just barely different than that storm.
  6. Quite the impressive long range signal on the GEFS. Crazy for ~12 days out
  7. I really wanna see Richmond cross that 1 foot mark. It's been a while, hasn't it? Since 1996?
  8. Let them have their moment. Their climo is much different. This is extremely rare for them. Most of us will get our chance this winter
  9. Im guessing some of that is virga but I also heard stuff is falling in Kentucky so that's interesting
  10. NAM initialized South. I have no idea what the current radar looks like
  11. Doesn't look south. In fact, it's essentially the same as 12z, if not a handful of miles north
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