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  1. Can't wait to see the first Mother Of God pic of the winter. I know it's too soon.
  2. Soo spoiled last week with 3 storms back to back(and belly to belly) and now zippo. Atleast we ended the season on a high note.
  3. I live about 3 miles south of HPN. Definitely between 8-9 inches here. Nice storm, no mixing issues. Less on paved surfaces of course. “Stickage” problems when snow first started.
  4. No social media back then. No swift backlash and criticism. Times have changed.
  5. Let's see if if mayor D gives the DOE a break. He is fair for the the most part. MUCH better than his predecessors. At least Farina isn't here to give that Macy's is open line again!!
  6. A poster yesterday mentioned that Friday/Saturday storm could act as a block for this storm. I'm assuming that has not come to fruition. Any updates on this possibility?
  7. Can someone give a guesstimate on when this storm will begin and when will it have its greatness impact on the area. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I’m wondering “weather” or not to head in on Monday. See what I did there? Weather or not. Ha ha.
  8. Moderate snow. Cars covered but streets are wet not white. Bada ba ba ba I'm...........
  9. More power to you guys that live in interior NYS. I could not do it. I like the occasional big storm in these parts because it makes it special. I think 100+ inches of snow year after year would limit my enthusiasm. That’s me, not throwing shade on anyone.
  10. Not sure what the gusts are over here in Scarsdale but my basketball hoop just went down. Lowest level plus filled with sand. Cementing one in the spring.
  11. What should i expect in lower Westchester? My son, an inexperienced young driver, will be traversing through this snow. Should he leave early from his job or will this really be a low impact storm here. Thank you in advance.
  12. Any observations from Scarsdale/White Plains area? I’m at work plus my wife isn’t giving me any detailed info. She “thinks it’s snowing” lol.
  13. The board as a whole. Every time a big storm/pattern change was imminent, it was pushed to the following week/10 days/14 days. This has happened so many times this winter. Punt after punt. This whole winter looks like it might get punted.
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