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  1. IamFenwick

    Snow/Sleet/ZR/Kitchen Sink 2/10-2/12 Event

    Any observations from Scarsdale/White Plains area? I’m at work plus my wife isn’t giving me any detailed info. She “thinks it’s snowing” lol.
  2. IamFenwick

    Snow/Sleet/ZR/Kitchen Sink 2/10-2/12 Event

    0.0 here. I pulled a Blutarsky.
  3. IamFenwick

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    The board as a whole. Every time a big storm/pattern change was imminent, it was pushed to the following week/10 days/14 days. This has happened so many times this winter. Punt after punt. This whole winter looks like it might get punted.
  4. IamFenwick

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    We punted more weeks than the Rams did in the Super Bowl.
  5. In layman’s terms, can someone please explain why models verification is so poor this winter. It seems as though there are so many storms in the 8-10 day range but they either disappear or are rain. I feel this is making a bad winter so much worse. Thank you in advance.
  6. IamFenwick

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    Yet another rainstorm in the dead of winter. So effin depressing.
  7. IamFenwick

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    That was the 2018-2019 winter dumpster fire you were smelling.
  8. Need that for about 12-18 hours lol. It was nice for a few minutes. Makes me want more!!
  9. IamFenwick

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    I do read the discussions and they are generally positive but nothing has come to fruition. I’m a relatively positive guy but it just seems every storm is 10 days away. By the way the post was meant more as a joke, not a jab at anyone.
  10. IamFenwick

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    You guys should temporarily rename the site 33anDRAIN. This shit winter is draining the life out of people. Plus it’s apparent winter is going down the drain. Wow you know winter sucks where there almost as many posts in banter as the main threads. Yikes.
  11. IamFenwick

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    Just curious. Is the Feb 3-4 storm off the table as of right now? Or is there some sort of possibility?
  12. IamFenwick

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    As a Yankees fan, I love to see the Mets lose. Needless to say I’m happy pretty often.
  13. IamFenwick

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    I see some posters rooting for extreme cold. I never understood that. It’s unbear plus higher heating bills. I do like cold but single digits I can live without. I’m starting to root for warmer temps. It’s it not going to be white might as well have warm! This winter absolutely bl*ws so far. Old man winter has Alzheimer’s. He forgot it’s supposed to snow in the winter.
  14. IamFenwick

    [Eastern US] Jan. 2019 Pattern & Forecast Disc. #2

    Yet another wet not white storm. This storm could have been a contender. Instead it’s a bum, a loser.
  15. IamFenwick

    2018 New York Yankees

    Man I am really liking our chances this upcoming season. The improved rotation, super bullpen, a healthy Judge, the real Gary Sanchez, a more clutch Stanton, and other upgrades has me pretty stoked. No DIDI sucks but hopefully Lemahieu and Tulowitzki can carry the load until DIDI returns. I'm sensing a special season. Plus Sonny is a goner supposedly. Reds give up inf prospect Shed Long and a draft pick. Go Cash!!!