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  1. How would Philly look. I'm more on Montgomery County border vs Center City
  2. Any potential upcoming for Philadelphia area???? I keep hearing New England but am curious to know if there is any potential further south???
  3. Been seeing from another site, but 18z GFS trending towards EURO for areas closer to I-95
  4. This was just posted about an hour ago by Philadelphia Met Cecily Tynan via FB THURSDAY STORM UPDATE: ICE, ICE, BABY! The EURO ensembles are consistent with a southeastward track right along the coast. That means the threat of icing (sleet/freezing rain) is a big concern for the northwest suburbs, especially the Lehigh Valley. FRONT END SNOW/ICE: As it stands right now, areas northwest of Philadelphia will likely see an initial burst of snow 3-6” of snow Saturday night. But, warmer air will move in aloft , changing out snow over to a sustained period of freezing rain. I’m very concerned this may turn into an ice storm the northwest suburbs. For areas along I-95, including Philadelphia, I still think there is a change to rain. The big question is, how quickly? 1-3” of snow could accumulate Saturday night before the changeover. (We will have a detailed map tonight.) Still looks mainly a rain event for areas along the coast. FLASH FREEZE: If you’re in an area that is just seeing rain Sunday morning, you still need to be careful later in the day. As temperatures crash, any standing water on untreated surfaces, puddles and areas of slushwill freeze over nearly instantly.
  5. Winds still at 145mph as of 11am advisory
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