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  1. As of 5pm advisory, Sam is now an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane with 140mph winds
  2. Sam now a major Cat 3 hurricane as of 11am advisory with winds of 120mph
  3. We are at Cat 3 as of 2am with winds of 115mph
  4. Still at 105mph as of 11pm, but it looks like its about to really take off from an intensity standpoint
  5. TS Warning now up for NYC as of 11pm advisory
  6. Still at 70mph moving N at 8mph as of 8pm advisory
  7. Am kinda curious to know what kind of potential impacts could there be in the Philadelphia PA area depending on the track??
  8. Elsa strengthened to 60mph as of 11pm advisory moving NNW@12mph
  9. How about Philly?? Does this have legs for the Philly area???
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