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  1. I feel like im in a great spot for this storm in the Lower Hudson Valley...
  2. Whatever lol.. just happy to see snow showing up on models again
  3. Is there anything that could help us slow this thing down so its a prolonged event..
  4. Just as I completely lost hope in this winter.. hopefully we can get something significant and go out with a bang.
  5. 4 or 5 inches definetly isnt unrealistic for places in the city and just to north.. that high is in a nice spot and could surprise a few people that werent expecting too much
  6. I counted 4 storm chances between the 10th and 18th on this particular run.. just because the snowmaps dont show snow doesnt mean there isnt potenital...
  7. Oh ok gotcha, thanks.. Always trying to learn and thats why I come here
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