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  1. 500mb an absolute mess on the Euro for the 14th. But beyond looks interesting as @PB GFI just pointed out.
  2. Bernie said to watch for energy rotating around and watch the base of the trough for a surprise storm over the next few days if the GFS is right and picks up the ULL from the west. ECMWF does not
  3. I'm republican but believe marijuana should be legal. I would say alcohol is a much bigger threat and no one is talking about banning that. The economic benefits that we can reap would be massive. The market for it is huge without it being legal.
  4. 850's don't look bad. Low cuts right through these and lower levels torch but this is certainly something we can work with
  5. Good look and CAD signature. Exactly where we would want to be 9 days out imo.
  6. CFS likes December 15th. Personally always liked this model to pick out threats. Obviously not details but still...
  7. Not sure if anyone saw or if it was posted but Albany officially finished with 22.6" good for 8th biggest of all time. We would've made it to top 3 or higher if we would've gotten any banding during the day before that slug of precip overnight. Airport received 2.1" of precip so it was really surprising to me that ratios were that bad (less than 11:1). Still an awesome storm.
  8. KALB is officially at 18.3" as of 10pm however I suspect we are now at around 22-24" of snow as they just recorded 1.94" storm total precip. When adjusting for ratios that's what I came up with.
  9. Soryy for all the IMBY, but this is a special case. Albany has a real shot of a top 4 snowstorm ever tonight. Official reading is currently 18.3" but that was two and a half hours ago and we still have a few hours to go. Would say that we currently have 21-23". That would firmly put us in and around 8-10th place. With more snow still to come do we think Albany makes it to its top 4 of all time (or beyond?)
  10. As did I back in LI. Missed 30" in western LI just just 1-2 inches. Was pissed.
  11. Remeber that 2002 x-mas day storm analog we all pointed to? Alabny got 21" from that and it ended up being Albany's 3rd snowiest winter on record. Climatology says we in the northeast are gonna have a huge 125-150% of our normal snowfall this winter
  12. Likely in the top 10 if not top 5 biggest snowstorms of all time in Albany. Have nearly 20" on campus when adjusting for compating. Likely much higher totals to my west too.
  13. Amazing features on the HRRR. Drops the storm down to 965mb with an absolutely stunning radar representation. Cannot wait to get crazy satellite imagery and radar images out of this tomorrow. Going to be a real stunner!
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