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  1. Idk how you could even come close to comparing the mood here last year to this year. Last 3 we got 3 mini storms in December followed by an epic blizzard in the first week in January. This year we got shutout for December and it looks like the good majority of us are going to get nearly shutout for January if the 28th doesn’t produce, (which I still believe won’t due to my concern yesterday)
  2. Wow attacked right away I see. Literally pointed everything out about this yesterday of why this threat doesn’t do it for me. Go back a few pages and read.
  3. Not a huge fan of this threat but it’s always a great sign to see a few 970’s/980’s. still suggest we wait until Wednesday to really start to take this seriously. Best chance we have had this year for a widespread storm imo. Great Lakes Low might pose a bit of an issue but we have 7 days to deal. I like where we stand.
  4. So, that insane historic pattern late Jan into February. That we were told to hold the course for a month up until yesterday has completely flipped in the matter of a few hours?
  5. If that PNA breaks down 12 hours before the ECMWF suggests it will.
  6. Just seems to be this threat is relying on perfect timing of the PNA ridge, storm and TPV, with little room for error. Obviously, things will likely change over the next 7 days.
  7. Look at the run. It quickly breaks down after these frames. Hopefully, it'll be able to hold on enough to force our storm south, consolidate itself before it releases and phases. Nevertheless, it seems to me that it's going to take perfect timing with little room for error.
  8. How many threats are we going to sacrifice before panic ensues?
  9. Honestly looks very similar to the storm that's happening today. Little NAO blocking. A crappy PNA ridge and the S. Stream phasing with the TPV at the perfect time to bring this up the coast. Too early of a phase and we will get a storm like today. Too late of a phase and it will be another DC storm. We can't win this year with a halfway decent setup. Some winters just are not meant to be.
  10. Setup at 500mb looks meh at best to me. Looks like another storm where we are going to have to rely on a perfect TPV phase.
  11. Ie. early December, early January, cough cough today.
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