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  1. EPS has been consistently further north than the ECMWF for the costal threat. Also, there have been multiple instances this year where the ECMWF has had a southern bias and the EPS were further north leading to an ECMWF adjustment further north. Not saying it is guaranteed to happen again but I would think it’s more likely than not that the storm threat shifts north with time.
  2. agreed some people are still in on this storm and are interested
  3. Tick west on the ECMWF. EPS should be interesting. 12z 00z
  4. New analog package still insisting this comes west. However this is based off the 00z GFS
  5. 850mb low just offshore of NJ Explains why the mid-levels are a bit too warm for snow along the coast
  6. Current analog package based on the GFS currently looks like this. Not perfect in this range but interesting that they are pinpointing an interior event right now. Current top analog is a 1987 snowstorm
  7. A bit far out there but some encouraging signs mid-February for the coast from the CFS
  8. 500mb an absolute mess on the Euro for the 14th. But beyond looks interesting as @PB GFI just pointed out.
  9. Bernie said to watch for energy rotating around and watch the base of the trough for a surprise storm over the next few days if the GFS is right and picks up the ULL from the west. ECMWF does not
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