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  1. Snow or no snow this upcoming week, this is a great time of year for weather lovers. This is in Roxbury, NJ from this week (Horsehoe Lake)
  2. All depends the district location, western areas might have snow stop at 3 AM or so, and then a delay is probably all the schools would need.
  3. Google tells me North Branch of the Raritan River, it's near Schiff Natural Lands Preserve if you are familiar with the area
  4. Mendham in Morris Co. NJ on the ride home. Back roads were snow covered but very passable.
  5. started as sleet, now frz rain for the past hour. nice slick glaze everywhere at the moment. Roads are great though, many salters out on Route 80
  6. zr for me now, sleet stopped an hour ago. 27.7 degrees
  7. Cracked 60 here today, but there was still some ice left over from the deep freeze last week... Buttermilk Falls in Layton, NJ
  8. Thank you, it is difficult to stay positive about snow chances, this winter has been all potential and little performance
  9. Last day of cold I thought i would see what the Delaware River was up to, nice chunks of ice in the Water Gap Area. And the second is a frozen wonderland at Raymondskill Falls .
  10. Low was 8.3 here Here is the squall in Lake Hopatcong area. 30 min squall sped up to a 2.5 min vid.
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