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  1. Nothing definitive here, but really good read https://www.newyorker.com/science/elements/the-mysterious-case-of-the-covid-19-lab-leak-theory
  2. and it appears everyone in the study had at least 1 comorbidity - very promising!
  3. You can absolutely disagree, i think it sucks too. But you do live in a political world wether you want to or not unfortunately. Probably why i like hiking so much.
  4. Everything needs to be taken in context, including your point, and another that our ability to care for the sick is so much better nowadays then in 1918.
  5. My aunt, lives in aruba, been in an induced coma for about 2 weeks now. Not vaccinated
  6. First day of school here in Jefferson, NJ - 4 positives to report. Long fall and winter ahead unless the spread accelerates crazily and we all get it by Nov.
  7. I think the main point, and I don't want to speak for @NJwxguy78 - politically, the Christrian right took a anti-vacc stand for the most part. Their constituents are being torn apart because of it. When is enough enough. There are certainly other segments of the population that are anti-vacc, but at least in my opinion, these other groups aren't as active in campaigning against vaccines.
  8. I get your point, but at the same time the people using Ivermectin aren't researching how it is used in other countries and coming up with a use case for themselves. Their watching cable news or hearing it from a neighbor. So despite overall valid human uses, I think the point stands.
  9. Not quite sure we haven't found a way to ship a dozen free rapid test kits to every household in america that wants it. Be well @dmillz25
  10. My company (major US corporation) just instituted mask mandate for all employees regardless of vaccine status, and also will now require employees to be vaccinated. I was hoping they would give us the option to return to working from home but they did not.
  11. I don't know RU, seems like a lot of the US and UK data is based upon the aggregate vaccine population as opposed to the Israeli study that looked at vaccine status based upon timeline of the second pfizer shot. I worry the "western" studies have an inherent bias because the vast majority of vaccinated individuals as still in good shape. This may hide and impending drop off of efficacy. Additionally, wtf is with the lack of detailed US data that breaks all this breakthrough cases into intelligent slices of age and vaccine aging. It's ridiculous, and I am beginning to worry it is
  12. Recent data shows 18.5% of new Covid-19 cases in New Jersey are fully vaccinated individuals, governor says Among the 4,332 positive Covid-19 cases reported from July 20 through July 26, fully vaccinated people accounted for 18.5% of total new cases, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said on Monday. And of the 378 total new hospitalizations during the same period, 3% of the patients are fully vaccinated individuals. During this week, New Jersey reported 21 new Covid-related deaths, none of which were from people who were fully vaccinated. “That’s the
  13. Any notion of where you may have picked it up from? Glad it is mild for you!
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