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  1. May showers bring June flowers? Ugh.
  2. This makes me happy. When you get a chance and if are willing, would love to see the raw data too!
  3. Coating of snow on some wooden surfaces this morning, Old Man Winter leave me alone!
  4. Rygar

    Outdoor Photography

    This one is for @NJwxguy78 who currently resides in the town I grew up in. The Appalachian Trail Boardwalk can be absolutely stunning at the right time of year. I was up there this weekend (Vernon, NJ) and it was the opposite unfortunately, but here are a few from the late summer You can also continue on the AT and head up to Pinwheel Vista for one of the best views in NJ
  5. Rygar

    Redirects on Android

    OK, did some research. There are multiple instances on other sites where these issues have been traced back to certain Google AdSense advertisements. I temporarily installed an ad blocker on my phone to see if it would do the trick, and it worked.
  6. Rygar

    Redirects on Android

    Anyone else having trouble accessing the site via their phone? I keep getting redirected to a fake walmart prize page (go me!). Only happening on my phone and to no other websites.
  7. OK, it's freaking snowing again
  8. Rygar

    Outdoor Photography

    Admin for the win!
  9. Rygar

    Outdoor Photography

    Went hiking in Norvin Green State Forest today, in Ringwood, NJ near the Wanaque Reservoir. Highly recommended. First one from earlier today (can see NYC skyline in the far distance), the others from previous visits.
  10. Rygar

    Outdoor Photography

    Saturday storm looks DOA, more pictures! I have been lucky enough to catch some interesting sunrises in the recent past. First one is from this past Easter Sunday in Punta Cana, the rest from the last 3 years or so. My favorite is the last one from St James Parish in Jamaica.
  11. Rygar

    Little Storm that could ( April 02 Threat)

    79 and sunny here. (sorry, could not help myself). Bummer to miss April snow, but only slight)
  12. Rygar

    Outdoor Photography

    I've zoomed in on this picture multiple times already, I really love this
  13. Rygar

    Outdoor Photography

    I have always wanted to go, great ones!
  14. Rygar

    Outdoor Photography

    Not going to be around much over the next week, so one more set from me. The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is seriously wonderful, and received an astonishing 45 million visitors in the past 10 years. One of the least used trail areas is Cliff Park, that runs along Route 209 near Milford, PA. There are maybe 10 miles of trails back there, some of it very boring, but other sections are very impressive. Here are some shots along the cliffs (Cliff Trail) and along Hackers Trail, which also features a nice waterfall. If interested, i suggest parking in the Raymondskill Falls parking lot so you get two waterfalls and the cliff walk in the same hike. The first few were taken this February before the March snows, the last one from last summer.