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  1. Yeah, the hatred for utility companies is really ignorant. Will never forget making signs with the kids for out of town utility companies for Sandy on Day 15. Terrible two weeks, but that was a great moment for sure. I am still out here myself.
  2. Well, at least his clothes are protected from rotten vegetable and fruit tosses In all seriousness, there are teachers also doing this on their own - really recipe for problems
  3. August 11 is a long time. This looks like JCP&L's stock answer at this point, no more specific updates on their outage map
  4. I've spent way too much time on the map last night and today!
  5. Such damage in all these pics posted! Legit storm. Here was almost the worst of it in Lake Hopatcong, definitely some large trees uprooted and I saw one snapped about 15 ft up as well.
  6. No power. Tree branch damage here in lake hopatcong, parents lost a large tree in Sussex co
  7. I am doing this - thank you for the reality check. 1.3 inches of rain so far
  8. Oof, hope they can restore before the core
  9. This is one of the best i've seen of this ilk - vorticity 3 by Mike Olbinski. Completely mesmerizing.
  10. I think most people recognize this, though, i do worry about longer term health issues in kids, i think the jury is still out on this aspect. And more importantly, it is the idea of how much children spread it to others asymptomatically that is the biggest question in my mind. Regardless of social distancing and mask wearing, sitting with someone in a confined space for 6 hours will allow the virus to spread and bring home to families. Especially with the newish idea that it is more airborne than originally thought. We have to find a balance, start slow, and then increase or pull back depending on the situation. Everyone (gov't and citizens) need to be flexible.
  11. Sharing a beautiful moment - comet neowise tonight in NW NJ. A few of us shared the pavilion at Sunrise Mountain in Stokes State Forest. One of those rare moments nowadays when it was OK to forget about the virus.
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