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  1. Went to Stokes State Forest in the afternoon, snow was light at best but still enjoyable to be out! Big Flat Brook A bald eagle, i couldn't get closer And these next to a courtesy of an enterprising beaver - a 3-tiered setup, impressive
  2. You may be right, I am not confident by any means, but checked the WPC webpage: "Percentile accumulations for 24-, 48-, or 72-hour intervals show filled contours of snowfall or freezing rain amounts for which the probability of observing that amount or less is given by the percentile level. For example, if the 75th percentile map shows six inches of snow at a location, then the probability of getting up to six inches of snow is 75% at that point. Conversely, there is only a 25% probability of snowfall exceeding six inches at the location in this example. Percentile accumulations increase as the percentile level increases." Maybe the weatherbell maps handle it differently?
  3. I believe it is just the probability of getting up to the value shown on the map. So if your area shows 5 inches on the 90th percentile map, it means 90% probability of up to 5 inches of snow, and only 10% probability of exceeding that.
  4. 1/2 inch of snow in Chester, NJ - makes the morning commute a little nicer
  5. Almost an inch here in lake hopatcong. Somebody kept on plowing for 15 minutes on a small back road too, hilarious
  6. I don't plan on posting this type of stuff here, but i figured you weather nerds would appreciate a cool local snow scene. Here is some footage (through my mediocre youtube channel so bear with me) of the Delaware Water Gap last week. Turn the sound off if you don't want to hear about photography . Special morning in a special place. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-cic9oJY-8 (plus i happen to be wearing my 33 and rain hat!)
  7. sleeted for 11 min, 12 seconds. now freezing rain. sigh. long night ahead. 29.7 in lake hopatcong
  8. Love the pics even though my worst "getaway" weekend of my entire life was in Lancaster. 60% fault of my companion, 40% fault of Lancaster itself, LOL. Probably more 80'/20. Well, perhaps i should take 75% of the blame now that I think on it.
  9. Went to the Delaware Water Gap today and was a bit in awe
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