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  1. Are suggesting our initial response - for instance, Geraldo Rivera stating on primetime news that a) hot water kills the virus, and b) if you breathe in deeply and don't cough you don't have it - was not up to task?
  2. The company I work for- over 200K employees - told us this morning to plan on working from home rest of year. At least those that can work from home and have been already.
  3. I am not looking forward to returning to the business office environment at all. I never liked working from home (outside of the benefits with the kids), but i have adapted very well, better than i thought. Returning to the building and having to put on a mask every time I leave my office is going to be painful.
  4. Am i reading this wrong? I think it could be weekly noise as well. Given the lifting and disregarding of restrictions, i think we are right to be wary, but too early to tell in my opinion.
  5. So, with the beach restrictions lifted, what is the latest guidance with hanging out with another family in the backyard.
  6. Great press conference by Trump today /endsarcasm
  7. a little comic relief. As an aside, and incredible to think about it - kevin james has an awesome youtube channel somehow
  8. I have no idea of the background, just reading the quote - and that is in no way what i got out of it. I would imagine environments like the one pictured below would be more conducive to a higher rate of spread over the "regular folks" in the county.
  9. Maybe not "normal", but good to see they are starting to come out of it for sure!
  10. I guess it could be worse - "Three Russian doctors fall from hospital windows, raising questions amid coronavirus pandemic" https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/04/europe/russia-medical-workers-windows-intl/index.html
  11. I think i am coming around to @NJwxguy78 way of thinking - regardless of each political party's message - people are done with these lockdown measures. I don't know how many deaths will be needed to get people's attention again. Just like we see on the news, I see less and less social distancing in my town as well. My mayor is all talk, no action. I went the the Delaware Water Gap at 5:00AM Sunday and it was a pig sty from an overwhelming # of people who showed up Saturday There have been a few attacks against security guards around the country, for merely trying to enforce masks and social distancing. I don't believe these polls that state people are "not ready" to open back up. I think folks will say one thing to a pollster, and then go the store without a mask to get Doritos, on the way home hit Dunkin Donuts, then drop thier kid off at a friends.. This is the lowest I've felt about the situation since early April.
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