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  1. I can actually hear both of them. Enjoying the debate tonight, they have both made some good points. It is a shame though, some narrow differences with virus handling has to turn into binary platforms that both parties will refuse given an inch. They are closer then they want to admit. Welker is doing great too
  2. Anyone else watch Totally Under Control documentary of Hulu? It's clearly an attack piece, but still very well done, and worth the watch even if you don't agree with everything discussed.
  3. Quick cloud timelapse near the Delaware Water Gap
  4. People need to hang tight and be prudent! It's tough, I struggle too, but I am still in the fight.
  5. Well, I mostly agree. Luckily for me my parents agree and we only see each other outdoors at the moment. Who knows if that will change once the weather gets unbearable for outdoor activities, it really might. Where I disagree is the idea that my opinion matters less. If I get covid, or my kids get covid, or the folks that would usually attend a holiday party with my family get Covid and this directly causes the death of my mother or father I would never forgive myself, even if they had given full consent to the risk. To me personally, one more Turkey Day would simply not be wo
  6. Entirely your choice, I am ok with a year of stress and caution to make sure i have another 10 or 15 with my elderly loved ones.
  7. I just can't take the chance of harming my parents or mother in law. No Turkey Day or Christmas Day here unfortunately. To be fair, if rates plummet I would rethink this.
  8. Since one only receives temporary immunity as a result of a cleared infection, this seems like a really bad idea.
  9. Most situations are probably when people let their guard down. I think vast majority wear masks when out in public, but then have family and friends over maskless and get covid
  10. Glad it worked, i am personally not ready yet. I am definitely a low-risk taker with the virus and magnify some events out of proportion. For instance, last month there was a 5 person cluster on my street from a masked bartender that spread it to other workers and 2 patrons. No incidents in the 15 other restaurants and bars in town, but i use this is confirmation it's too early for me personally to return.
  11. Yeah, that sparta party is ruining my kids sports life. Through contacts, it has spread to Jefferson and shut down some sports here too. PEOPLE, just do the right freakin thing!
  12. My sister received this - Sussex Co NJ - seems like spam, anyone know if they are legit texts?
  13. No, all mild symptoms or asymptomatic for certain. More testing is 99% of the reason for sure. But you would think more information and data would allow the community to be smart, but the opposite is true - it's made most of us tired of the conversation and complacent.
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