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  1. Every time i get tired of the thought of more snow, it snows, and i am like a kid again.
  2. I think we reach 100,000 quite easily. Even with this recent downturn we'll average 1000 deaths per day minimum for quite some time. Take it to May 1st and that is 68,000 deaths right there, would be easy to get another 30,000 through the summer. The vaccine's appear to be effective against the UK variant, probably the SA one too. But it doesn't appear we can jab enough people before the UK variant takes over fully.
  3. Never understood this contempt feeling. They all struggle. I think weather is just really complicated and we expect too much from our models.
  4. @NJwxguy78 Get your power back? My aunt in Barry Lakes is back on
  5. From our mayor a few moments ago (Jefferson) Power Outage-Lake Hopatcong It appears there is an issue with a transmission line at the Hurdtown Substation causing a widespread outage throughout the entire Lake Hopatcong area. JCP&L crews are enroute, the current estimate by JCP&L for restoration is 9PM
  6. The whole country! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria! Fixed
  7. I don't have a way to verify this yet, but 115KV line that feeds Sussex Co. went down. Most of county reportedly without power. I am in morris county, on the border with Sussex and I am out as well
  8. Well, that second dose knocked me down for 12 hours. No joke! 12 hours after injection i started to get a fever, by hour 13 i was shaking uncontrollably from the chills with a sever headache. This last 2 hours and I have been steadily improving since then.
  9. Got my second jab today, can't wait to go back to kissing strangers on the lips next week
  10. 48 hour timelapse of the storm from my window, a shot every 30 seconds from Sunday 4PM to Tuesday 4PM. We totaled somewhere around 30 inches here in Lake Hopatcong This community is the best.
  11. I really think so, but i did not measure. NOAA spotter says 30.3 pretty close to my location in Sparta so it seems very reasonable! I am almost ready to cry uncle (but not really)
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