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  1. Agree, just nice to see the signal 7 days out. Plenty of time for the details to work out (in any direction!)
  2. Looks like we got a heck of a storm signal here folks
  3. 6z Euro with some nice accumulations N of the city in the lower Hudson valley and on the island. Could be a decent event there.
  4. Warmest Ukie frame - warmer then the other models. There were changeovers on the coastal plain.
  5. Overnight EPS for the first wave, along with the 12z over the same time period. Looks a bit more robust in some places especially N and W, but pretty much held serve save for a little less up in SNE
  6. Couple more crazy EPS maps: Area wide 60-80% chances of snowfall > 6", 20-40% of snowfall > 12". Wow
  7. There are double digits that are popping up on the EPS mean over the entire run. It's been a long time since I've seen that unless a storm has been right directly on our doorstep. What a run!
  8. P-type at hour 144 shows the spread as well as shows that the storm is really just starting at that time on most of the members
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