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  1. My wife's test came back positive for COVID. The test results came in 4 days from the day she got tested which isn't too bad. She's feeling better but carried a fever/headache into the next day. but has been fever free since. I also had a low grade fever for about 48 hours and GI issues which have lingered so I'm 99.9% sure I'm positive as well. Her symptoms were/are very mild and if it wasn't for this pandemic, we would have just brushed it all off and probably would have went on with our everyday lives. It really is scary how mild the symptoms could be and how easily we could all be carriers of the virus.
  2. Also, 49 years old is completely omitted..., guess people of that age don't count?
  3. My wife woke up today with a low grade fever, aches and a headache.., thankfully no respiratory symptoms. She however works in a state run psych hospital where there is a COVID+ patient, and while she hasn't had direct contact with this patient, her doctor's office is going to be testing her for COVID due to where she works and the possible exposure of COVID there. I have 2 kids who are thankfully at my mother in laws house though they could possibly be carriers if my wife has it which is my biggest fear (my kids have also been to my mother's house as well in the past week). I'm hoping it's Flu A or B (she did have a patient with Flu B at her hospital too) and not COVID. Hopefully the newer tests have a shorter turn around time then the ones from the last few weeks. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank this forum and those who have contributed to this thread... I joined it for the weather prowess and never thought that this would be the place with an excellent source of information on this pandemic. Thank you all and stay safe and healthy.
  4. @Webberweather freezing rain totals in GFS la la land.. any crazy ice storms in NC’s past that could rival?
  5. GEFS are out on College of DuPage site which is excellent in my opinion.. https://weather.cod.edu/forecast/ - and follow the links
  6. Unfortunately weathermodels does not have the individual ensemble members on the 6 and 18z runs (as far as I know)... I believe weatherbell does have it. The only thing I can get to is probability maps.. I’m attaching the 3”+ map which shows there are ~20% of the members with 3” towards the city with as expected much higher % north and west.
  7. EPS at 6z is back to where it was at 18z yesterday with the 2” line down the 95 corridor.. don’t know if there is anything to that or if the same thing will happen at 12z today will happen that happened at 0z last night. Really nice looking mean inland regardless.
  8. Same exact thing to report here with moderate snow... both my kids are ecstatic to see “real” snow since they apparently don’t count squalls at 47 degrees snow...
  9. Just started here in Mercer County coming down at a good clip.. the sun was peaking about 30 minutes ago so that’s just looking like the progression of things
  10. Posting this for some additional perspective - the EPS mean is almost 1" per day over the last 5 days of the run. Not saying that pace will continue going into Feb., however, if the majority are saying there are signs of the pattern improving going forward from this 15 day stretch, then this was a damn nice run.
  11. I present EPS ensemble member 5 for your banter thread viewing pleasure and salivation. To quote LeBron, "Not one, not 2..."
  12. Nice, Moorestown is a great area which I wish I could live in (and could send my kids to school). This area seems to get more interesting weather then where I live (Hamilton, Mercer County), see tornadoes this past summer, though I usually can eek out a couple more inches of snow.
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