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  1. The GEFS ensamble mean snowfall for this run , especially in and around Christmas week are the highest I’ve seen in a while... widespread 2-4 inch amounts in and around the city/NJ
  2. 6z FV3 at the end of the run As many have said, looks like a favorable period ahead!
  3. Check out the 12z GEFS some pretty big hits in the extended range... the means are pretty decent for this far out
  4. College of Dupage’s weather models page has the 925s at 3 hour intervals.
  5. But... but... the GFS/GEFS has support from the ICON... how can they ignore that?
  6. Good thing it started snowing hard enough to put those out without any other assistance!
  7. Just went out to measure and at about 2 1/4 inches in Hamilton Twp Mercer county, not too far off from what the Euro was projecting through 2pm. Moderate snow here and flakes are definitely larger and fluffier then earlier
  8. I can confirm this snowing at a nice clip and sticking to all surfaces, Hamilton Twp. Mercer County
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