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  1. Same, looks like I'm directly on the cutoff line.., good luck to all, hope most get to cash in! Crazy that we are even discussing a storm like this on December 2, going to be a fun winter and I will take my slushy inch and be glad about it
  2. Light to moderate snow in the tornado capital of nj, Mt Laurel NJ which is where I’m at for work, 35 degrees
  3. There’s nothing better then everyone being able to weenie out together
  4. Love that look on the RGEM... absolutely pastes my area... hoping that that band does more of a sweep through the area and shares the wealth with most posters.. should be a fun nowcast.
  5. Thanksgiving is perfect for good eats, football, family and most importantly watching the models roll in and reacting with a kickass weather forum!
  6. Light snow but absolutely lovely and hopefully a good omen for the winter to come
  7. Getting some nice mood flakes here in Hamilton, Mercer County. Will take for November 12th a million times over!
  8. If you go to the labs site: https://lab.weathermodels.com/ left hand column "Legacy Interfaces" has EPS Global Cyclones, that's where you can find the MSLP member maps a la what is attached. EPS CONUS 51-ensembles has the maps for each individual ensemble member.
  9. I got somewhere around 2.5" of compacted snow/ice crap here.., I'm going to use the 3" report out of Ewing and with the 4" noted above, that'll be $35 donated. Thanks for all this forum does!
  10. Still holding all snow on the other side of the line went outside and could not detect any pingers
  11. Ripping under a great band here in Hamilton Twp, Mercer County... going to be playing with the Snow/Sleet line tonight, hoping to stay mostly snow
  12. Snowing moderately in Hamilton, Mercer County 33 degrees sticking to all surfaces except the road at this point
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