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  1. I got somewhere around 2.5" of compacted snow/ice crap here.., I'm going to use the 3" report out of Ewing and with the 4" noted above, that'll be $35 donated. Thanks for all this forum does!
  2. Still holding all snow on the other side of the line went outside and could not detect any pingers
  3. Ripping under a great band here in Hamilton Twp, Mercer County... going to be playing with the Snow/Sleet line tonight, hoping to stay mostly snow
  4. Snowing moderately in Hamilton, Mercer County 33 degrees sticking to all surfaces except the road at this point
  5. 12z GEFS even more juiced for the 3/8 and 3/11 periods especially for this far out, with one member looking almost like yesterday’s CMC
  6. My area got skunked about 10 miles south of the R/S line but I will use my mother in law’s report in Warren county for yesterday’s contribution (4”). My area is again in the battle zone hoping this time to be primarily on the white side.
  7. $5 per inch, I'll do the KTTN reporting station which is a few miles to my north and west so if (when) I am on the R/S boundary, KTTN should do at least somewhat better then my physical location.
  8. 1.5” here in Mercer county.. still coming down. Ready to be on the battleground line in the coming events!
  9. 6z Euro is nearly identical to this in total snow with a majority of the snow actually falling Friday AM Vs Saturday (looks like the NYC gets 2 shots both Friday and Saturday while central and south jersey have almost entirely Friday)
  10. I have absolutely no meteorological basis when I say this, however, as was alluded to in the main thread, with how much this system has moved to the N and W, having a low just west of Bermuda for the midweek storm might be what we want to see 7 days out and may be a good sign??? Who knows anymore!
  11. GEFS look nice for Monday and a sizable jump N and W from 6z. Thing is that another move in that direction at that same Increment and most of us are liquid.
  12. 27/23 with a real nice burst of snow here, 1/4 to 1/2 inch on the ground.
  13. 0z HREF 24 hour ensemble mean snowfall, main precip axis looks a lot like the HRRR
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