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  1. Definitely looks slightly more amplified to me so far.
  2. A lot to be ironed out still especially given the NAMs convective explosion in the system as depicted on the 18z run.
  3. The gradient has actually tightened on the NW edge on this run. PHL: 12z 0.51”, 18z 0.48” NYC: 12z 0.47” 18z 0.43”
  4. Nice improvement with the jet orientation in the mid/upper levels. I expect a much better banding signature here, particularly developing earlier over NJ/LI
  5. Mentioned a few days ago the angular momentum of the PV there being bad - it does put a cap on this to some degree. There’s a reason why models have been hesitant to phase, there is a reason why most composites for larger events here never have the TPV in Central Canada. The thing is that this is a thread the needle type event. Could it work out? Yes. Is it the strongest synoptics setup? No. I will take whatever we can get from this and look forward to bigger and better potential beyond it.
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