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  1. i would imagine that stronger band forming over NJ will flip our rain over to snow soon
  2. Hey guys, what is the level that typically, when it warms, causes sleet? would that be 850 ?
  3. Agree, the latest HRRR runs have been awfully warm, and show me , in southern Monmouth county, getting 2 hours or so of moderate snow before sleet and rain. 2 hours of moderate snow won’t do it in my opinion, schools will most likely be open around here. NWS forecasting 7 inches, sounds a little high to me
  4. Would love to have an answer, or at least a best guess on this - Bumped
  5. Any insight as to why the precip shield breaks down so quickly ?
  6. Does anyone have a reasoning as to why the 3k NAM has been colder the past few runs
  7. Very important NAM run coming imo. We're getting awfully close to the event and we still have many things to sort out
  8. Those look snowy, even down towards the coast on the means
  9. the talk about atmospheric memory is very interesting, as i remember the last few storms it seemed as if the precip hit a wall somewhere around here, and it always took longer than expected to saturate. Lets hope this case is different, but it looks eerily similar
  10. Yeah I think some of us closer to the coast just got skunked with the overrunning, I know I snowed for about an hour then flipped over to hard sleet for over 6 hours. So i could see how this is similar, just hope the sleet holds off a little longer this go around
  11. My bad guys, premature (and immature) statement by me. Overall a good run!
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