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  1. Yeah I think some of us closer to the coast just got skunked with the overrunning, I know I snowed for about an hour then flipped over to hard sleet for over 6 hours. So i could see how this is similar, just hope the sleet holds off a little longer this go around
  2. My bad guys, premature (and immature) statement by me. Overall a good run!
  3. Basiclly like 12z but much weaker and disorganized. We have time
  4. Where is the primary snow axis located on this run ?
  5. wow, pretty good agreement as well, not like a handful of big hits and a bunch of whiffs. Very nice smooth spread
  6. Our turn .......? I want to see lots of snow as much as everyone else here, but i do know how this works, and how even a few great ensemble runs in a row can mean jack s*** in the end. There is, however, no arguing the fact that these "few ensemble runs in a row" are some of the snowiest and most consistent we've had all winter. There has also been a lot of talk about the pattern becoming more conducive for snow in our area, and I truly hope you all are right. I appreciate all the great talk that goes on in here on a daily basis, and if it wasn't for this forum I would probably have given up on winter, because what's the fun in tracking a storm or a pattern change all alone Best of luck to all
  7. Kind of dont like the low amounts near the coast, is that normal, and simply because its too far out for the thermals ?
  8. Very nice signal. If EPS shows something similar this afternoon, I think we may be on to something
  9. awesome pic !! love it
  10. Also, at 2 hours out on the latest NAM 3k, the precip is still further west than it is....... on our current radars