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  1. Here you can see the changes in Canada as mentioned by RAllen964. Last three runs of the NAM 500 heights.
  2. Encouraging to see these types of opportunities and setups this early in the season, we're not even halfway through December!
  3. Love this radar, could you post a link if it is a free to access product? Thank you in advance if so!
  4. I am going into this winter with a much better attitude. I plan on posting and contributing in any way possible, regardless of the final outcome for my backyard. It takes a level of maturity to be able to appreciate the dynamics and still enjoy tracking even of all you end up with is some wet snowflakes after two days of rain. Of course I will be disappointed but I will not take it out on anyone in any way by coming across as naive or ungrateful. Every storm is different, and not everyone will be happy with the final outcome of any particular storm. Long story short, I wont be complaining about my 1 inch from the EPS Good luck everyone!
  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but will the secondary taking over sooner then expected allow for cooler temps to be pulled in sooner? The precip shield that will develop tomorrow is separate from the current one impacting us, I do know that. But temperature wise how would an earlier than expected secondary takeover affect the forecast?
  6. i would imagine that stronger band forming over NJ will flip our rain over to snow soon
  7. Hey guys, what is the level that typically, when it warms, causes sleet? would that be 850 ?
  8. Agree, the latest HRRR runs have been awfully warm, and show me , in southern Monmouth county, getting 2 hours or so of moderate snow before sleet and rain. 2 hours of moderate snow won’t do it in my opinion, schools will most likely be open around here. NWS forecasting 7 inches, sounds a little high to me
  9. Would love to have an answer, or at least a best guess on this - Bumped
  10. Any insight as to why the precip shield breaks down so quickly ?
  11. Does anyone have a reasoning as to why the 3k NAM has been colder the past few runs
  12. Very important NAM run coming imo. We're getting awfully close to the event and we still have many things to sort out
  13. Those look snowy, even down towards the coast on the means
  14. the talk about atmospheric memory is very interesting, as i remember the last few storms it seemed as if the precip hit a wall somewhere around here, and it always took longer than expected to saturate. Lets hope this case is different, but it looks eerily similar
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