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  1. Just changed to light snow (not sticking) in midtown Manhattan
  2. My super-precise barometer says above the globe-level stormy in Brooklyn. 8pm (left) and 10pm (right) pictured. 12am unchanged from 10pm
  3. 37 and rain in Brooklyn. Another white rain event for NYC.
  4. Snowing at 3” per hour in midtown Manhattan but accumulating at 3” per day?
  5. Temp in Brooklyn appears to have peaked at 31 and now falling to 30. Don't buy a changeover to rain. More Sleet!
  6. At what point tonight will we get a sense of how the storm is shaping up versus the models? Particularly with track/precip type?
  7. 1) Central Park - 13.1in 2) JFK 10in 3) Newark 18in 4) philly - 5in
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