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  1. If there were a time for the FV3 to step up please be now.
  2. If this comes close to verifying it would be horrifying. Destroys OBX and then hammers Wilmington after the loop
  3. It’s close. Might be grasping at straws and towels
  4. 3K is doing something interesting. Separates the storms more than 12k and allows for a low that hugs the coast. If the low gets more separation we can get that trough to go negative quicker
  5. Nam is hugging the coast with precip north and rgem looks to be east. The precip doesn’t look north, it just looks like the bulk is offshore
  6. Right in the middle. Was going off of 17 hours instead of moving my eyes a centimeter and looking at the valid time lol
  7. The low is taking the right side of the lobe. Well the left side, but the right one for us.
  8. HRRR showing heavy rates that will start earlier. This is 1pm, before the show really gets going
  9. If that model was more reliable than even the Rap that would be so awesome
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