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  1. Lovely maps. You said they were your ideas for earlier...have your thoughts changed in this manner? Or are the totals pretty much unchanged? Also, has anyone else noticed that the Cape Cod section of Massachusetts looks like its giving the Atlantic Ocean the finger or is it just my pain medications making my view of the world a bit strange?
  2. At least he is there with his dog...I hate people who abandon their pets. Its irresponsible for him to have stayed, and risk himself AND his dog...its not just his own life...but at least he did not just leave the dog to fend for itself.
  3. I hope everyone who left took their pets with them and no animals were abandoned.
  4. <grins>. @33andrain, at least the science that predicts the weather is somewhat better than the predictions that come before elections?
  5. @RAllen964 that is one hell of a northern track. Is that something to take seriously? Its well over the NYC/ Westchester area now. Should we in NY even consider this solution as viable?
  6. This site shows that massive ridge/ trough..,34.77,3000 She would have to essentially sound trumpets to bring that meteorological wall of Jericho down...but shes windy enough to do so <metaphorically speaking>. Amen indeed. Lets hope that outlier remains put to bed and stays asleep! And thank you, @amugs
  7. @amugs on the chart you posted, the spaghetti ensemble, the AEMN model had Florence heading straight for and through NY? Is that at all likely or a real outlier which we can all ignore? I am in NY. I look at that with some horror...and I have to confess, horrified excitement, too. I remember Sandy.
  8. I never lost my child like glee at huge snow or other storms. I am not a meteorologist either.
  9. <sigh> Don't you just feel so left out? It feels like everyone is talking about the amazing party they went to...and all got invitations...except us? @adamfitz1969
  10. @adamfitz1969 and @Heavy snow its insane, weather models show us in the Hudson valley getting buttloads of snow...but but its just not happening. Where is all the dry air coming from and what is it doing with our snow? Is the storms track truly further out to sea and troughs more positive, pushing it so?
  11. @RAllen964 and @Snow seems so, doesnt it? Its fascinating, and intriguing. Far from whining, as its silly to blame humans that the weather is not conforming to the models, I would love to UNDERSTAND why the discrepancy happened. Did new data come in that made the model wrong? Was something not accounted for? Did conditions change and the models did not understand that? Models are only as good as the data they get...if there is information they lack, they will be wrong. And Mother Nature can throw out last minute changes as she pleases.
  12. And we were supposed to be in the jackpot area, @Heavy snow. Ah well. What happened to change that? Where did the dry air come from and models could not see it or account for it or is it a sudden unexpected atmospheric change? NWS still insists we could get a lot of snow.
  13. I am also in Tarrytown...light snow. Barely a dusting on the ground. I do hope the storm wakes up for those of us in the Hudson Valley.
  14. I think the NAM is still very much our friend when it comes to huge snow totals. So that is something. Thanks, @Snowy Hibbo
  15. I really hope its (the EURO) just misreading the atmospheric data or whatever information it ponders. It would be awful if we lost our epic March storm.