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  1. Has anyone here ever skied Tahoe before? Thoughts, recommendations? timeframe is end of February.
  2. Quick question, I always thought having an Aleutian low was a good pattern for the east coast, but it seems to just filter in pac air to the CONUS. Now we are seeing an Aleutian high?? being modeled which seems to create an even worse pattern for us. What gives and what do we ideally want in that domain? Thanks.
  3. $5 an inch the rest of the way. I will be using LGA’s final snowfall total as I’ll be out of the city for many weeks throughout the winter and won’t be able to measure. Here’s to getting CRUSHED!
  4. BTC 33k. What are people’s opinions on it?
  5. Does Justin fields go #1 now?? Absolutely dominant performance.
  6. I was in Jamestown, Rhode Island with my parents on vacation for this storm. I’ll never forget when the initial bands came in. Easily 2-3” per hour rates with insane wind gusts whipping right off of the Atlantic. A true blizzard. Unfortunately, as the night progressed, the precip switched over to sleet and eventually plain rain. I think we probably ended up with around 6-8” of snow when all was said and done. Back home in Queens however, there was close to 2 feet. Always regret not staying home lol.
  7. -NAOs are overrated. Give me a -EPO any day of the week.
  8. Insane. Not only does the block start retrograding west, it actually strengthens the whole run!! WOW.
  9. Well summer is going to summer, but would you agree more people would be out in April if the temperature was in the 70s-80s than if the temps were in the 40s, 50s which is what we have seen in the last few years?Hell it even snowed in early may last year. Also give me a warm pre thanksgiving period. I’ll take that. And if there’s going to be any summer that has 100 degree weather, let it be this one because from personal experience, many young people enjoy hot weather in NYC.
  10. Dont want a cold spring like years past. Also maybe torch hard wasnt the best choice of words, more so a wall to wall period of warmth from spring to fall so outdoor activities like going to the beach, tennis, summer parties, bar hopping, etc are maximized for as long as possible. This is the one year I wouldn’t mind high temps.
  11. I hate the heat but I hope we torch hard this spring/summer. When the pandemic ends (enough people vaccinated), I want to be outside everyday from April-October.
  12. Just about 8 inches in Forest Hills. Which would total $64, but f it, this board has been one of my sources of excitement during the pandemic, so I’m sending $100. Enjoy guys!!
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