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  1. Here we go with the constant sirens again. Timetable is on par with the spike we’ve had. sucks.
  2. Media outlets need to stop with these fear tactics. The man was reinfected but asymptomatic. Immunity worked.
  3. Is this from the hospitals being overwhelmed like they were in NYC, or have the infections caught up to the older population?
  4. Friend of mine in Nassau was exposed to the virus through a housewarming party with some of his close friends. He just became mildly symptomatic this morning. So far nobody else in the group is showing symptoms, but it just goes to show you that this virus is far from over, even with our very low infection rate. At least on my end, the panic has set back in and I will try to limit any kind of risky social activities for the foreseeable future (have been going outdoor dining, rafting, boating, etc the last few weeks). I was pushing my luck.
  5. It’s an insane light show out there, this storm is going to rip the city, holy s***.
  6. The final band has now cleared out up here In Sullivan County. No wind at all, but had at least 2 long duration downpours and steady rain since 11am. Beautiful storm.
  7. @ru848789, would tocilizumab be any more effective?
  8. Definitely possible and also probable but after seeing more red in NYC on the dashboard, was just hoping it wasn’t a sign of another potential spike.
  9. NYC people, is it just me or has there been an increase in ambulance sirens again? Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention to it the last few weeks as much as before, but definitely since at least Sunday I’ve heard a noticeable uptick (to the point where it has gotten my attention again). hope it’s just a coincidence.
  10. Didn't go to one so can't speak directly about them, but almost all were open.
  11. Went to Mohegan Sun over the weekend and it is a carbon copy of what they are doing in AC. Employees at every entrance sit behind a computer and watch the thermal imaging scanners as you pass through. There is a limit of 3 people per table, sanitizer on every single table. You are reminded to clean the table before and after you play. Social distancing is enforced; a fourth person was merely standing too close to our table and the dealer stopped the game and told him to back away. But the key: masks are required and strictly enforced. Security will kick someone out for repeatedly not wearing
  12. I’m all for blizzards, severe weather, hurricanes, big wind events, but for the life of me, I will never know why people want big heat in the summer. 80s is perfectly fine.
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