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  1. Which hospital are you near? I spoke with my neighbor who is a nurse at Forest Hills hospital and she said she has had no new covid cases in the last 3 days. Anecdotal sure, but I’ll take any good news I can hear. #openitup
  2. How on earth is Burlington VT flirting with mid 90s and NYC is in the 70s. that’s one crazy ocean temp gradient.
  3. What are people's thoughts about this? CDC revises IFR to 0.4%, and reports that since ~50% of cases are asymptomatic, the actual IFR may be as low as 0.2%. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/planning-scenarios.html
  4. He's just your typical run of the mill politician. He's as hypocritical as they come. He went on for weeks saying if you want to blame anyone, blame me, i accept full responsibility blah blah blah. Then when he's pressed on the nursing home issue, suddenly it's not his responsibility, it's someone else's. The only good thing he knows how to do is talk. He's fit for the cameras and has a certain suave about him, which allows people to buy into his BS. And let's not even get started on his roid raging brother. Just another elitist family that think they're better than everybody else and that the rules don't apply to them.
  5. Same, I didn’t stop working until March 20th (the day Cuomo announced the pause). The janitor at my office tested positive about a week later (he recovered quickly thankfully). Few days after that, I was extremely fatigued for a day and had a killer headache that night. Could’ve sworn I had it and it was just mild. However, no one at my firm got sick either, so most likely the janitor got it after the shutdown. Disappointing result.
  6. Yup, and Long Beach. Best beaches on the island. Jones is a pile of crap.
  7. Alternate Side Parking back into effect this week. The city needs to make up lost $$, will probably end up being ultra aggressive with ticketing.
  8. everyday at 7PM, people in NYC clap to salute the healthcare workers and first responders on the frontlines. Throughout April, people went wild, banging pots and air horns, etc. Last few weeks however, its gotten much quieter. Today, dead silent. Either that means more people are out at this time (warmer weather) or people have moved on from the fear of the pandemic and away from old routines. This can't last forever.
  9. First day since the pandemic started that nobody clapped in my neighborhood at 7pm.
  10. Do you have any information regarding the fatality rates by type of transmission? For example, is inhaling the virus through your nose more/less deadly than through your mouth? Would be interesting as to why the virus is replicating in certain parts of the body for some and not for others.
  11. Aside from the health risk, which you're right, will be minimized by daily sanitation and PPE, if even 50% of subway ridership returns, there's going to be a logistical problem (especially on Queens-Manhattan) routes. Assuming the MTA takes social distancing seriously, they would need to limit the #of riders in each car, or physically tape off every other seat on a train. The only way to combat reduced ridership per car is to increase the frequency of trains. Knowing the MTA, most likely, on the first morning of NYC reopening, there will be a broken rail somewhere. Combine increased train frequency and a broken rail, it spells DISASTER. I think many people would try to avoid all the s**t show and find alternative means. Car, bike? who knows, but as @WxInTheBronx says, we know full well BDB doesnt enough brain cells to think ahead and organize better traffic patterns.
  12. Get ready for the worst traffic in NYC history this summer. How else can anyone commute to/from work? Subway ridership will plummet until there is a vaccine. I for one would rather swim to work than take a train into the city.
  13. What do you guys think will happen to NYC's nightlife industry? Masks in the club? Social distancing in the club? If it is a full year before we go back to "normal", for lack of a better term, they're f*****. Unlike bars and restaurants, I don't see how a nightclub can enforce a 25% capacity mandate.
  14. Nice, good luck! Still haven't heard back from them, but then again I have no background in medicine/healthcare. Seems like an interesting job to do.
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