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  1. Still one of the better looking snowfall maps of the season, and it’s so close to being an all snow solution. If that’s the warmest solution SO FAR, (on the Euro at least), bring it on bc that’s been the coldest solution snowfall map so far this season.
  2. Central Jersey and NYC still get CCB’d at hour 198 on the Euro even in this “warm” model run. As long as it can maintain a close to BM track with a well timed phase, I think there will be just enough cold air to pull this out.
  3. Storm after storm on the 00z GFS. Another monster brewing on the 6-7th. GFS has been consistent with a storm during this time frame for the last several runs. One things for sure, exciting times ahead!!
  4. Come on EURO, show us a snow bomb please!!
  5. Need to watch that low dropping into the OHV, on this run it acted as a kicker and shunted the coastal eastward. If we could get that drop in earlier, maybe we could get a partial phase?, and strengthen the system or get it to drop in later like on the 00z run so as to not punt the EC storm away. Either way, there’s finally something exciting for us to say #wetrack.
  6. Through 168, the EURO looks suppressed. Better than showing a cutter that’s for sure, but it isn’t too dissimilar to what the NAVGEM or CMC is showing, so perhaps there’s credence to the solution. then there’s the GFS. A middle ground between the two would be awesome for pretty much most of the NE/MID ATL forum imo.
  7. The good news is (on the CMC at least) there is cold air available with a nice placement of a high, so if this storm would take a more favorable track and strengthen more significantly ala the GFS, we may be in business.
  8. You can’t make this stuff up, seriously. At this point, it’s comical. Oh well, there’s still 6-7 weeks of winter left, just hopeful one storm can produce something big. Haven’t given up yet, but yea, I’m already looking forward to next year.
  9. Packers are trash OMG, where is their defense of old? Worst 13-3 team ever
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