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  1. Currently Big Fat snowflakes here in northern Windsor County VT. sticking on top of the old leftover crunchy one inch of snow from last week.
  2. Overnight a nasty mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow freezing solid on the car glass and windshields making for a PITA scrape it down to glass this morning. About 1 inch of snow on top making things mostly wihite.
  3. 2-6 inches predicted here in east-central VT on the upper Connecticut River across from Dartmouth.
  4. Been snowing 2 hours, 2 inches so far. 19F. Hoping it snows all night.
  5. Daylight Savings Time starts next Sun. March 10 at 2am.
  6. Biggest snow of the season for the tri-state area and maybe I-95 and the friggin' Weather Channel has gone to idiocy.
  7. New Periscope by Bernie Rayno is Very Psyched for Big Storm next week
  8. Been busting my butt shoveling all this white Fun since yesterday, Started out raking the roof, as I am in idiot for installing aluminum gutters on a Vermont house, just causes ice dams. Have to pull the first 2 feet of snow off to allow for melting to drip off without freezing solid and backing up under the roof shingles into the attic space behind. Then, figuring my hired plow guy had already been thru earlier on the first pass around dawn, he was due back again soon, I proceeded to start cleaning 15 inches of white heaven off our 3 SUVs which were parked on ice over the frozen lawn behind the plow mound to allow the plow to clean off the driveway proper. The Forester is backed too close to the old ice pile from the December storm and the wind has blown the snow so the back of the car may get glued to the pile if I don't shovel it clear. Then I clean off the Pilot and I get to the 3rd vehicle, the Xterra 4WD and the hired plow shows up again. He says his F-250 has it up to 19F, the main roads are bad with sleet frozen on them. I tell him I’m gonna bust out these cars from the snow bank after he plows, he says he’ll be back to clean up after I get them out. He finishes and goes down the hill as I finish cleaning the Nissan and I start up all the cars to warm them up. The Forester is a stick 5-speed and pulls out of the pile easily as it is 50-50 AWD all the time. The Pilot spins a bit as I forgot to engage the button for forcing AWD it figures out the deal quickly and claws it’s way to freedom. The Xterra is a 6-speed with switchable 4WD and has not been driven since the last storm and is buried deeper in ice and cannot climb out of its tomb initially, spinning all 4 snow tires in place in 4-wheel Low. The plow comes back and pushed the lawn snow back to the house so I can back up and get a few feet to run over the ice pile after shoveling the 4 tires clear, out she comes as the plow clears out the ice berm. At that point, I am in need of refreshment and put off the rest of the shoveling....a path to the propane tank, clean off the generator under the back deck and shovel off that deck of more white pleasure. At least I got to watch one NFL game get ruined by the Refs and the other get decided by a coin toss.
  9. Minus 10F here now and very windy. Seen -23F twice here in the past since 2006
  10. Frozen sleet pellets just changed back to big fat snow flakes in central eastern Vermont, 15 inches, 8F. Cantore has different precip only a few miles away in Woodstock on TV Wx Channel.
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