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  1. The two blizzards in early February of 2010 are some of the most prominent in my experiences, granted I was a young kid at the time. These were the storms that really strengthened my passion for meteorology. I remember how hectic it was before the first blizzard (Feb. 5-6). Grocery stores were packed and people were getting ready for what was to come. From what I can remember, blizzard conditions lasted for an extended period of time and my father and I experienced it first-hand on a walk we took in the middle of the storm. It was such an exhilarating feeling walking in the middle of that blizzard. Before we knew it, another storm was knocking on the door (Feb. 9-10). I don't remember that one as much, probably because we were literally snowed in, but what an experience these two blizzards were. The snow came down in buckets and the winds were wild...something I'll never forget. Here are some pictures from what I believe was the first blizzard (Feb. 5-6)...
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