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  1. thats band over orange county is good to start with for them
  2. Anyone have a radar update?
  3. yep...not one storm with no mixing, biggest snow event (except November 15) is 2 inches...and now another 1-2 slop event...if this keeps up id rather just skip to Spring,
  4. The main thing i was hoping for is limited mixing now its a lot of mixing giving me another slop event. Some snow than mix than freezing rain/rain...a waste of a storm.
  5. it was 3-4 this morning with very little mixing now its a 1-2 and changing to sleet and Freezing rain and even possibly rain...here is this mornings Snow map from NWS...i just want a decent storm with little or no mixing...ive had enough slop events.
  6. NWS lowers totals for Lower Hudson Valley.
  7. I though i was going to get the 2nd biggest storm of the year (2.1 or more) but as we get closer seems more like that not...Rgem now has me mix with 1-2...another last minute fail for me i guess?
  8. GFS is bit north with rain/snow line.
  9. Nam keeps pushing me into the mix very fast and limits accumulation a lot...NWS seems to believe that, as they have me mix fairly quickly, and on hourly they have me get 1.5 of snow before mix with sleet.
  10. I hope NWS is right with the storm right now! would love a nice 3-4 event even though it has some sleet in it
  11. I really hope 6z nam is wrong or else this is going to be another last minute fail storm...
  12. 0z GFS is more north putting even me into the rain line...another last minute fail?
  13. Nam has me getting 2-4 before a mix toward the end...i was hoping for a no mix event but ill take it.
  14. I was really hoping to have a nice 1-3/2-4 snow event without mixing but now looks like i will have a period of mixing...anyway here is updated NWS snowfall map for NYC metro