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  1. Its a beautiful spring morning as nature spring show is just starting.
  2. As with most threats, the threat is there but there is plenty that can go wrong.
  3. Northern piece is just way to late for this to be anything other than a soaker
  4. Freezing rain now with temps beginning to rise right now 31F and light freezing rain.
  5. Started as snow/sleet mix than went to all snow now mixing back to sleet, and should changover to full sleet any minute so here is my snow total 0.8! (there is some sleet mixed into that.
  6. NWS had me forecasted at 38F for right now (8pm) and im at 32F, colder than forecasted means more sleet/freezing rain.
  7. Rgem is colder than nam with a nice front end thump for anyone north of NYC.
  8. 0z 3k nam for Sunday. Brief period of snow for NNJ and the Hudson valley going to sleet/freezing rain than rain.
  9. Clouds moved in earlier not allowing for temp to drop to much so got down to 8F before temps rose back to 10F
  10. Is anyone here interested in another slop event with snow to sleet to rain?
  11. Ya, this winter was either November or March for us in NJ and NYC metro -Boston My snowiest month is March then November
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