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  1. Both the nam and HRRR last night and this morning removed almost any chance of storms today for NJ and NYC area, so no surprise that the Marginal risk was removed for NJ and NYC area.
  2. Todays high was 77F in Central Park. The last time we had a high of 77F or lower was June 18.
  3. Ya. Also imagine if the hurricane of 1938 hit today, would have done some crazy damage. There is only so long we can avoid getting another big hit. Here is the wiki where you can see all storms that affected NY: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_New_York_hurricanes
  4. Marginal risk for tomorrow. After all the rain that will fall today/tonight any storm tomorrow will be capable of producing some flash flooding
  5. Central Park fell just short of hitting 90F today. The high temp today is 89F, this is the first time of the max temp for a day being 89F.
  6. There is also a day 3 Marginal risk for severe storms on Saturday. The storms on Saturday will likely pose a flood threat as well after all the rain on Friday/Friday night
  7. Here is the current rain forecast by upton.
  8. Nam has the center go more west with 06z run. Also has a more narrow band of heavy rain
  9. regardless of the exact track of the system, lots of downpours(Lightning?), flooding, and gusty winds for Friday/Friday night.
  10. 79.0F would rank 20th place for warmest July, tied with July 1977. Still a lot to go, so could easily end up higher then 79.0F. Last year we had 79.6F which is 10th place for warmest July (though tied with July 1949).
  11. Something went a little wrong with the outlook, but Marginal risk tomorrow
  12. Once again, just distant rumbles for me... i got .01 of rain today.
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