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  1. Was fun while it lasted. 1/4 of an inch in total. Would have been a lot more had it not taken so long for it to start sticking and if temps were below freezing.
  2. .1 of snow so far! that is more then i got in the last 2 month!
  3. If these events came a month ago or more, the coast would have had much more of a chance to see accumulating snow.
  4. Going to go from spring back to winter tomorrow evening. I always love seeing such gifs
  5. If this storm does work out it will probably be north and west of NYC. even if it snows in the city it will be very tough to accumulate. 0z EPS
  6. GEFS for the 24th...anyone still interested in watching the GEFS show snow then as always lose it.
  7. Temps reached 51F today by me. With calm winds and a March sun it feels perfect to go out with a nice chill in the air. The one thing that i noticed is that lots of bugs are already outside, but tonight temps should drop into the 20s stopping that.
  8. Nam is trying to hold the precip just enough to give us some wet flakes Sunday morning.
  9. If you want Fantasy snowstorms Models usually dont disappoint.
  10. January: We will pay for it in March February: We will pay for it in March March: umm....ok...We will pay for it in April!
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