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  1. I am new to this stuff and I see a lot of Dew point talk going on. Are extremely low dew points a good thing or a bad thing.
  2. bahahaha the deep thunder. I wish that it would verify, but I know that the model has its problems. As a Boston Suburb dweller though that would be awesome. Cant wait to do no work for 12z model suite.
  3. Is there a full northeast precip map for the UKmet?
  4. What are early thoughts on the GFS haven't seen anything so I'm assuming not the best run
  5. I love these maps, but as a MA guy is there a northeast option for these runs? I know most of you are based in the mid atlantic, and my area doesn't seem to be the target this time around but im intrigued to see wht they say
  6. Temp: 22, DP: 10, RH: 55 Newton MA. Hope this cold air holds on as long as possible
  7. at least its snowing by you now. still havent seen a flake lol
  8. is the snow ever going to get to Boston. Love the snow reports guys keep em coming
  9. dont worry me neither. it was supposed to start around noon. still havent seen a flake
  10. if there is one place thats gonna bust its in Boston. to bad thats my area. It was supposed to start snowing mid afternoon, and i still havent seen a flake. Glad you MA people are getting your snow
  11. I just want to start by saying I am not the brightest when it comes to weather, but if the trough is neg. why is the storm getting kicked to the east of the delmarva after stalling instead of heading further up the coast.
  12. i know most of you are from the nj,ny are but do we have the maps for the mass ct and ri
  13. mean precip measured 18in. Highest measured 21. will send pictures as soon as i download them.
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