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  1. Huskerbaw

    The Banter Thread

    gut feeling is this winter is gonna be a nation wide torch. Just a gut feeling
  2. Huskerbaw

    2018 Severe Season Discussion

    Epically boring severe weather season this year, just another in a long line of severe failures around here
  3. Long range is beyond putrid out here
  4. Huskerbaw

    The Banter Thread

    This winter is a total joke. Can't wait till it's over.
  5. 0.06" of precip since 10/14 here.
  6. Huskerbaw

    Awakening: Long Range Winter Thread -- Part 2

    Long term forecast keeps looking worse and worse out here.
  7. Huskerbaw

    Animated Meme Gifs Refreshed [NEW]

    Can we get some nsfw ones?
  8. Huskerbaw

    2017 College Football thread

    Scott Frost has his work cut out for him
  9. we got a dusting of snow on Tuesday. Was a car topper and left some on the grass
  10. Huskerbaw

    Long Range: Winter 2017-2018 -- Part 1

    Hope your right
  11. Huskerbaw

    2017 College Football thread

    Worst officiated game ever in Columbus right now. So obvious the crooked Big Ten refs are trying to protect Pedo State so they can have a safe in for the playoffs. Without a doubt in my mind this game is fixed. Shame on the Big Ten.
  12. Huskerbaw

    Long Range: Winter 2017-2018 -- Part 1

    Explain why. Not saying you you are wrong, I just don't see how we don't end up much above normal temp wise in the plains.