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  1. this is the worst natural disaster Nebraska has seen since the dust bowl. 1 million calves are reported dead, losses in Ag alone are gonna cost well over 1 billion
  2. Thats the big concern we have right now out here. If there is a fast melt of the snowpack in the rockies it will be 2011 all over again. Right now both Plattsmouth and Nebraska City have had river heights on the Missouri that are higher than the 2011 flood
  3. this is the current situation we are dealing with in Nebraska
  4. Cow calf operations in areas like western Nebraska and eastern Colorado are getting hit hard by this storm. It hit right in the beginning of calving season
  5. lol, 36 was a dust bowl year, we have much above normal precip here so far this year
  6. Hopefully we have somewhat of a half decent severe season this year
  7. 55.2 now 4.2 away from snowiest on record
  8. i think i heard that out by North Platte and Alliance they got down to -20
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