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  1. There were two more trees down behind me in the last pic that I had to walk around, but power was out on that part of the road so I couldn't get a clear photo
  2. For my area, this has to be the most tree damage Ive seen since Sandy
  3. Went for a walk and trees down all over, cant see though because powers out. In North Lindenhurst btw
  4. Some 1-2 inch diameter branches down in my yard. Street flooded as usual, I think a tree fell the next block over
  5. Of all the severe t storm watches this summer, I finally got a severe storm when I wasnt even paying attention to the radar lol
  6. Currently 88 in for me DP: 68/ RH: 46% I briefly hit 90 at about 1:40 but increased cloud cover caused the temp to drop a bit
  7. I have to go to a 5 hour driving class at 6:00, and with my luck this'll be the day I get some severe storms at home
  8. Storms look good until they got within a mile of me. They always seem to crap out for me on slight risk days this summer...
  9. I remember getting about 2 feet from Juno here on Long Island, so not for me, but almost everyone else on 33andrain can probably relate
  10. This morning was like waking up to half an inch of snow after 10-15 inches was forecast lol
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