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  1. Hopefully the snow comes first so then I can die happy when ww3 starts in April lol
  2. Another 2.5" today so 7.1" on the season now Last year at this point: 4.8" 2017-18: 22.0"
  3. The highest I measured today was 2.6" of snow but that was after it started raining so it might have been like another 1/4" or so higher at most
  4. 34 and rain now in Lindenhurst, biggest event of the season so far with 2.8" total
  5. It's not snowing here right now but interestingly enough the temp dropped to 28 from 30 in the last 2 hours
  6. Heavy snow right now, went from a half an inch to about 1.5" or so in about an hour under this band. The pic doesn't really do it justice
  7. Wow, too bad that Newfoundland storm wasn't 600 miles to the wsw
  8. Im a little late but after the wind advisory was cancelled I had a 51 mph wind gust a little bit before 1 AM with 26 mph max sustained winds too
  9. Had a 44 mph wind gust today, but overall it wasn't as windy as the event last weekend
  10. I forgot to add last week but 0.1" on 1/6 Seasonal @ 4.6"
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