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  1. Hit 82 in Lindenhurst with gusts of 40-45 mph, it's pretty rare that we get winds this strong with temps this high, besides a summer time tstorm, nevermind that its still March
  2. Getting some strong gusts right now, probably around 40-45 mph. Had a 21 mph reading on my handheld anemometer in my backyard which is decently high too I'd think, considering its a crappy location for measuring wind
  3. 58F for the high so far here on the south shore, the sea breeze is definitely doing its job today
  4. Wind gusts probably peaked around 40-45 here with maybe a gust to 50 between 3-5 am. Low this morning was a frigid 20F but it felt more like 5 or less. Currently 32F but winds are still gusty
  5. No although my neighbor does, so that could be the source of the sound. Thanks
  6. I keep hearing this loud popping noise outside, would anyone know what it could be? Winds have been gusting 40-45 mph so I don't think its tree falling or anything, but its pretty loud
  7. Yeah same here in SW Suffolk, maybe a few in the 40-45 mph range occasionally.
  8. True, with all the big wind events this past year, or decade really, most of the weak trees are gone already.
  9. Already kinda breezy out here, winds probably gusting around 25 mph or so
  10. Hopefully there aren't any tree issues tonight with how saturated the ground is from all the snowmelt.
  11. I was definitely in one of the cooler spots, High was only 49F
  12. I was randomly reading some old BDB threads on the other forum and the thought came to me "I wonder what the biggest wind events were here on long island in my lifetime", so I made a list of the top 10 strongest wind events (gusts) in SW Suffolk since 2000 (not including severe t-storms) using wind data from ISP or FRG. I orginally wasnt going to post this but maybe some other users might be interested as well. 1. Hurricane Sandy E 56 G90 2. Hurricane Isaias S 53 G78 3. Boxing Day Blizzard N 46 G64 4. Hurricane Irene E 47 G62 5. March
  13. Wow it got that warm in the city? I remember it being "only" in the mid 60s on long island, or at least here in western suffolk. Of course then we followed that up with the best march in years for many areas
  14. No snow here despite getting as low as 34 but we got a nice sunset and even a rainbow:
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