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  1. Intensewind001

    2018 Severe Season Discussion

    I've got to say before the storm rolled in, those dark clouds looked pretty awesome.
  2. Intensewind001

    2018 Severe Season Discussion

    The storm was relatively tame for the south shore of LI, moderate rain at most, and a few rumbles of thunder. Wind gusts maybe 40 mph at the strongest.
  3. Intensewind001

    April 2018 Observations & Discussion

    High temperature of 72 in Lindenhurst, NY!
  4. Intensewind001

    April 2018 Observations & Discussion

    Winds are gusting at least 40-45 MPh where I am, was probably closers to 50-55 around an hour ago. Nearly ripped my back door off the hinges as well
  5. Also the most snow I've gotten since the Jan 2016 blizzard.
  6. I got 18.2 inches of snow here in Lindenhurst, on long Island. This was definitely the biggest storm of the year for me, beatung the January blizzard by 3 in(15 inches).
  7. Reached 1 foot on the south Shore of LI in Lindenhurst. A nice final measurement before I go to sleep
  8. Snowing extremely heavy in Lindenhurst, NY went from 1.5 to 5.5 inches of snow. mostly from in the last hour
  9. Light snow and breezy right now in Lindenhurst, NY 32 degrees and winds gusting 25-30 MPh picked up 1.5 in of snow so far.
  10. Intensewind001