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  1. 4.21" of rain in the last 24 hours here, .76" yesterday and 3.45" of rain from Elsa
  2. 89/73 for the high today, thought I would have gotten higher but I got stuck at 88-89 for about 4 hours straight 91 on June 29th and back in May remain my hottest temperatures for this year...
  3. I work a 9pm to 6 am overnight shift Thurday night, hopefully it isnt too bad out yet while I'm driving home
  4. Storms will probably fizzle out before they get here but at least the clouds are putting on a good show right now. Almost looks like a painting
  5. High was only 74 here but still got a decent storm with pea sized hail and 40-50 mph gusts. Also picked up .38" of rain, first time ive gotten anything measurable since May 9th i believe
  6. Not quite as hot as yesterday but still hit 88 for the high
  7. Topped out at exactly 90F around 2pm today, it feels weird getting to a temp this high with dews only in the 50s, especially after last summer
  8. Hit 82 in Lindenhurst with gusts of 40-45 mph, it's pretty rare that we get winds this strong with temps this high, besides a summer time tstorm, nevermind that its still March
  9. Getting some strong gusts right now, probably around 40-45 mph. Had a 21 mph reading on my handheld anemometer in my backyard which is decently high too I'd think, considering its a crappy location for measuring wind
  10. 58F for the high so far here on the south shore, the sea breeze is definitely doing its job today
  11. Wind gusts probably peaked around 40-45 here with maybe a gust to 50 between 3-5 am. Low this morning was a frigid 20F but it felt more like 5 or less. Currently 32F but winds are still gusty
  12. No although my neighbor does, so that could be the source of the sound. Thanks
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