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  1. 41 with a cold rain here in Albany, I’m thinking we can get our first mangled flakes tonight once temps drop into the mid 30s
  2. 36 was my low back home on long island, here in albany we got down to 30, which I believe is the first below freezing low of the season
  3. Is it possible to get 2ft an hour rates
  4. I slept on this storm last night (literally and figuratively) but it seems like some places got hit worse than expected. Back home I picked 0.32” and it seems most gusts in W Suffolk were in the 35-40 mph range at most
  5. 2.73” of rain was my final total back home
  6. Damn I wish I still had my weather station for this coming stormy pattern. This’ll the first big nor’easter I miss while living in Albany
  7. Okay, I’m officially fully vaccinated now. Hopefully the side effects aren’t too bad, but I know what to expect since I had Covid last year
  8. I’m getting my second vaccine dose tomorrow. Im very nervous
  9. This is the full vid my dad took, forgot i wanted to post it https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!ACfOCntL1MBIt2c&cid=8A40D87C289A6855&id=8A40D87C289A6855!3947&parId=8A40D87C289A6855!1912&o=OneUp
  10. I think PTC Ida’s impacts on metro are arguably worse than either Irene and Floyd now that weve seen some of the aftermath…. Insane how high the death toll is getting
  11. from the vid my dad took, you can make out the tops of cars even though it’s kinda blurry. I’ll try to upload the whole vid when i can figure out how to download it to my phone. I think this might be the LIE, not sure… it looks a lot clearer in the video
  12. Thank you, i think he’ll be alright getting home since he’s going the opposite way of the flooding. He had to call in to work though, definitely isn’t worth the risk to continue to the city in conditions like that. He rarely if ever calls in too so it has to be real bad for him to do that…
  13. My dad just called and said as he was driving to work he had to turn around. Cars flooded to their roofs on the cross island while he was on the expressway. Had to turn around because it was too dangerous. He said people were wading in chest deep water using their phone lights to see…. On the expressway itself everyone was pulled over with their hazards on due to how heavy the rain was, and some of the smaller cars started to stall. He took a video of the flooding on the cross island, from the ramp to get onto it from the expressway. I’ll try to post it here if i get a chance.
  14. I have picked up more rain here in albany than back at home on the south shore of li, .77” here, .71” back at home. About 100 miles to the west received more rain today than my station will for the rest of the year, crazy sharp cutoff. Winds were gusting in the low 30s last i checked
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