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  1. I picked up less than 4 hundredths of an inch of rain yesterday. I can't even get T-Storms this year nevermind snow lol
  2. .37" and temps now dropping from a high of 42, at least today is a good day to finish up some of my homework
  3. Last year I had 29.6" at this point (finished with 59.4" I still can't get over that), maybe I'm grasping at straws here but I have a slight hope I can get within a 10 inches of that total (29.6, I only have 13.6" this season).
  4. Sorry it was actually 18.2", just looked back in one of my notebooks from last year where I was keeping track of the totals
  5. It's not like the south shore a snow desert or something, just that we need more favorable conditions to be a little more favorable to get good totals. This winter and 2011-12 are the only winters where I had no 10"+ storms in the past decade
  6. The South Shore definitely has a tendency to get screwed over in march..... not including March 21st last year when 14" fell for me lol. But we're usually fine during storms occuring in DJF
  7. Down to 19 for me as well, yesterday I was at 24 at 1 AM so I guess it'll be a bit colder this morning than yesterday
  8. 14.6" after these last 2 events
  9. 33 with Light rain I think it's safe to say this storm was a massive disappointment for me. November storm remains my highest total this winter. That being said looks like you guys farther north got a good amount from this one.
  10. Now have around a quarter of an inch of sleet on top of the 2 inches of snow, temp went up slightly to 33
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