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  1. Well it looks like the threat for any heavy rain is gone even for me, nothing too bad with the winds, strongest gust is 36 mph
  2. I have about 0.3" here in Lindenhurst. Wind hasn't been too bad, strongest gust is only 28 mph
  3. After the showers passed through, the temp dropped from 90 to 81 in about 20 minutes
  4. Holy crap just hit 90, did not expect that, I figured I'd get to mid-80s at most Edit: I forgot to comment yesterday but only .32" of rain in September for me.
  5. 0z GFS with the Dorian clone 2 weeks from now lol
  6. Was the storm Thursday night classified as a downburst/microburst
  7. There were two more trees down behind me in the last pic that I had to walk around, but power was out on that part of the road so I couldn't get a clear photo
  8. For my area, this has to be the most tree damage Ive seen since Sandy
  9. Went for a walk and trees down all over, cant see though because powers out. In North Lindenhurst btw
  10. Some 1-2 inch diameter branches down in my yard. Street flooded as usual, I think a tree fell the next block over
  11. Of all the severe t storm watches this summer, I finally got a severe storm when I wasnt even paying attention to the radar lol
  12. Some strong gusts coming through with this storm. At least 50 mph
  13. Currently 88 in for me DP: 68/ RH: 46% I briefly hit 90 at about 1:40 but increased cloud cover caused the temp to drop a bit
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