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  1. I honestly haven't been paying much attention to the weather since the Christmas Eve storm but this was a nice surprise when i woke up this morning:
  2. Maybe, either that or my rain guage is clogged as well lol. It was still raining lightly around an hour ago though. Radar estimates have me at about an inch so it's probably the case
  3. The highest wind gust I recorded in Lindenhurst was 54 mph around 4 AM. Not nearly as bad as expected on Long Island, but it seems much of the region definitely verified and then some. Final rainfall total here was only .63"? Hopefully those who lost power get it back soon... in the meantime, Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  4. Highest gust Ive gotten so far here in Lindenhurst is 48 mph, strong but not too bad
  5. Temperature steady at 56.5 here (well that's what it was at 6:00 haven't checked since then), wind is intermittently gusting to around 30 mph, with a peak gust of 36 mph so far
  6. Wind has already gusted up to 36 mph here in the past hour or so
  7. Republic Airport recorded a gust of 78 mph, I think that was the highest official non tornadic gust region-wide. Hopefully we don't get winds that strong tomorrow...
  8. I forgot to post my final totals before I fell asleep earlier lol. Front half, before the changeover to sleet I received 4.7" and I picked up another 1.6" from the back side of the storm, so overall total is 6.3" of snow. I also got 1.1" of sleet between the 2 layers of snow. Highest wind gust I recorded was exactly 50 mph at around 7 am.
  9. I remember parts of long island had 5"/hour rates on March 22, 2018
  10. Getting absolutely pounded by the wind right now, I've recorded one gust at 50 mph on the dot not too long ago. That "lightning" I saw was almost definitely power flashes i think
  11. Recorded a gust to 44 mph a few minutes ago. 1.5" of new snow from this band, I thought I saw lightning too when I was out there but it might've just been some power lines failing, or me having weenie hallucinations
  12. I picked up about 1.1" of sleet overnight, what would that have been if it was all snow?
  13. Sorry for the bad quality, but probably the closest I'll get to b-word conditions with this storm. Winds are likely the strongest they've been all night
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