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  1. Thanks guys, I'll try to keep posting updates if I get any. Also thanks again to you guys and everyone else on 33andrain because I'd be totally lost during this pandemic if it wasn't for all of you. This thread had pretty much been my main source for coronavirus updates throughout this whole thing
  2. I forgot to post an update, but my aunt and uncle tested positive for the virus. My aunt is healthy but my uncle has diabetes and had heart surgery within the past couple years so I'm really worried about him.
  3. A little unrelated but I saw a hawk at my house for only the 2nd time in my life Sunday, I wonder if it was because of how much less activity there is. The other time was the early morning right after the blizzard of 2016, and once again there was barely anyone out
  4. I was thinking the same thing. I'm not sure how much people are out, but it has to be a lot if it got the MTAs attention
  5. Yeah him and a lot of other railroad workers are having a fit about the notice they got (and rightly so I think). His doctor also told him to self isolate for the next 14 days, but Metro North won't accept the note he sent in since he has no symptoms
  6. The MTA put out a notice for my dad and whoever else decided not to go in today in grand central that they should be working if they have no symptoms, they also said workers in grand central can't wear gloves or a mask if they do decide to go to work too. That's really stupid to be honest, especially since symptoms aren't always going to be apparent right away
  7. @USCG RS About my old friends dad, I did a little digging, aka asking my parents and he's actually a Nassau County Police officer, in the Massapequa area so 7th precinct. I was thinking of another friends dad when I gave the info earlier
  8. Sorry I don't exactly remember, it's been around 5 or 6 years since I've last talked either my classmate or his dad. I do remember him coming in during demonstrations in elementary school and middle school (both in Lindenhurst) so presumably the First Precinct.
  9. Small update: So my dad thankfully isn't showing any symptoms at the moment so he won't be going for a test. His coworker unfortunately went from no symptoms Saturday to hospital today, he's in his 40s as well. I also recently got word from my mom that an old classmate from high school's father just got put in the ICU, he's a cop for Suffolk County police. He was my little league baseball coach and was always a good guy so I'm hoping he gets out of this ok. And finally my uncle (dads sister's husband) has begun having a fever and headache. He has some health issues as well (diabetes, recently had heart surgery). He called his doctor who recommended he go to the hospital. He's a ny sanitation worker in queens.
  10. Thanks for the information. I think he specifically was talking about breathing in hot air, like in a hot shower or sauna, and that it would kill the virus before it spreads to the lungs. I told him the body would just regulate back to its normal temperature unless you have a fever, which would make breathing in the hot air useless.
  11. Thank you for the prayers, hopefully all goes well. I'll try to keep you guys posted here when I get an update
  12. My dad is believing the myth (or at least im 99.99% sure its a myth) that heat kills the virus so now I have to convince him that theory was already proven false One of his coworkers (he works for Metro North as a track inspector) tested positive so now he's going to Jones Beach to get tested himself.
  13. I really dont post much besides the occasional weather/wind reading from my station, but I've been dealing with some worse than usual anxiety as well the past week or so, and it's really frustrating since I've been doing so well the past 4 months in controlling my anxiety (finally got my drivers license and was looking to get my first job until this pandemic). That being said the comments here today really helped out, so thank you to all of you who posted advice and I'll be sure to keep some of it in mind during these tough times
  14. Nice outside despite the pandemic, 71 in Lindenhurst
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