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  1. I always feel bad when people start talking about their best storms because the most ever snow I personally measured was during the dreaded January 2015 storm (25"). It barely beats 2016 and February 2013 by less than an inch.
  2. I had actually had 2.3" of snow here in Lindenhurst (or close to that according to the NWS map). The 1.8" I orginally had, I measured after the sun came up so some of it probably melted.
  3. Final snow total here in Lindenhurst is about 1.8", nothing too substantial for Long Island but this event was fun to track.
  4. Still flurrying outside but Im going to salvage whatever sleep I still can. Awesome storm upstate, in Northern NJ and CT though, happy for everyone over there. It's been fun tracking this one
  5. Snow lightened into some flurries now, it looks like the clouds are clearing a bit too.
  6. Light snow has been going on for about 7 hours now (accumulating for 4 or so) and I have about 0.75" total, it just finally hit freezing tho so there may be some compaction
  7. I don't have a ruler on me but I probably have about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of snow
  8. It's finally starting to stick to the streets here in Lindenhurst too
  9. There's a nice even dusting on everyone's lawns now, still nothing on the streets
  10. Currently Light to moderate blowing snow, peak wind gust is 36 mph so far. There's a dusting on grass now, nothing on the roads.
  11. Unfortunately back to light rain with some flakes mixed in Lindenhurst. Wind has picked up though with a gust of 30 mph not too long ago
  12. First flakes are falling in Farmingdale (say that 5 times fast) Currently 37 with a DP of 33
  13. I got an A in my Meteorology 101 class and while its basic stuff for most users here, I have to give a lot of credit to this this website for teaching me all of content before I took the class
  14. I'm going to the giants game in 2 weeks and I honestly have no hope they'll even beat the dolphins...
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