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  1. Meanwhile this past winter I recorded a 59 mph gust in one storm and there was only a couple small branches down
  2. Strongest gust I recorded was only 43 mph but still some tree damage
  3. Suns peeking out now and winds are gusting mid 30s to low 40s rn. I'm assuming that's it for the rain here, not much of a drought buster for most of Long Island and SNE
  4. Back to just cloudy, 0.62" of rain. Highest wind gust so far now is at 42 mph for me
  5. Just started getting into the heavier showers, 0.42" as of now, winds gusted up to 36 mph in the last hour with some twigs lying around now
  6. Cloudy right now again, finally reached the 30 mph threshold with a 31 mph gust. Also finally reached 1/4 inch of rain
  7. Wind has picks up slightly each hour, max gust here now at 29 mph. 0.21" of rain today so far, had some moderate rain earlier but now it's just cloudy
  8. Highest gust so far now is 26 mph, 0.11" of rain so far
  9. Light rain right now, peak gust now at 25 mph here. So far 0.06" of rain
  10. Wind picking up a little gusted to 16 mph max so far. Not much rain yet. Current temp is 80 with a dp of 72
  11. High was 86 here today, dewpoint was between 70 and 73 though so it felt more like the low 90s
  12. Nasty outside right now, 77 but the dewpoint is 73. No rain today despite the humidity
  13. South Jersey once again getting all the meat today
  14. The high here was 92 today, it's dropped all the way down to 74 during this storm though
  15. First 90+ of year for me, down to 81 now but the high was 91.
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