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  1. Do you think this threat has a shot at being the first major winter storm along and NW of 95?
  2. I’m so excited. Could be looking at a one footer area wide! Traffic in the Atlantic from the first two storms may help slow the speed of Sunday’s storm as well. Speaking of these first two storms, got about 2 inches from last night, expecting 3-5 more tonight, and then possibly 12+ Sunday night. And then there’s that fantasy map from the CMC just prior to mid month lol. Exciting times!
  3. I’m up in Vernon Township in Sussex County and I’m pretty excited for this storm. Finally an all out snowstorm if it verifies. I can see a one footer potential with this storm for my area. I’m close enough to smell the rain, but far enough inland to have sufficient cold air, which means great dynamics.
  4. Just to add my two cents: the upcoming 5 day mild period is only natural. With such a severe arctic outbreak ongoing now, the atmosphere needs to relax. This, our pacific jet takes control of the flow while the HL blocking “reloads”. Not even close to a winter cancel, it’s actually a good thing. The atmosphere is always seeking a balance, and it’s only natural that we see a pacific dominated flow and airmass come in after a couple of severe arctic intrusions. It’s brief though, as the SSW has basically ensured that HL blocking will continue to develop and increase in intensity. But we need to let the atmosphere “rest”. Reload, then fire!
  5. Same. Pretty typical that we are holding onto snow for longer than thought originally. Always happens up here with CAD situations. Think we still have a good 3 hours.
  6. Confirming once again. We should do quite well when it’s said and done.
  7. Confirming. Ripping snow, temp has dropped significantly since the afternoon. Mix line still has a ways to go to get through here.
  8. Seems like we got a good several hours of heavy snow to go.
  9. Seems like cold air does want to hold a good fight up here.
  10. That’s actually a substantial shift at this range. Sampling?
  11. Fits observations. We are in a pretty zonal flow right now and today’s snow is likely going to be further south than modeled. Remember, this wave sets up the weekend. The south push with the light snow tonight may help push that arctic boundary further south, helping to shift the mix line down a good amount more than currently modeled.
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