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  1. Isn’t that basically one type of pattern you WANT to develop if you’re looking for big snowstorms rather than just cold/dry in the northeast? Not sure why people are saying the coming pattern is terrible. Actually looks really good to me.
  2. I’m right next to Mountain Creek South. Pleasant Valley Lakes in McAfee.
  3. I guess I worded that unclearly. I meant that it’s better to just observe than to continue watching model cycles. They may have use, but when the storm is occurring it’s better to watch it evolve in real time.
  4. The initial burst of snow was predicted to be followed by a brief lull before the main show moves in for the afternoon.
  5. Observations>models. Models are tools, not crystal balls. It’s pretty clear snow is coming in like a wall in most places.
  6. Because models don’t really matter when the event is literally over us. Now casting time.
  7. Does anyone have any thoughts on NW NJ for this storm? I am by Mountain Creek Ski Resort in Vernon, Sussex County.
  8. Do you think this storm is a significant snowfall threat for us up in Vernon?
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