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  1. Although I will add this one looks to crawl. With modeled blocking, it wouldn’t surprise me to see this being a long duration snowstorm, even if rates are more moderate.
  2. I thought I was out of the game in far NW NJ. Hope we can all get this!
  3. Staying up for the 0z Euro and then facing crushing disappointment...
  4. I’m gonna end up staying up for the euro just for it to send a dagger through my heart...gotta love being a snow weenie
  5. While I’m not pleased with tonight’s runs (sans the Canadian which was close to our sought out solution), this threat is too finicky to give up on. Easy could be one of those threats that toys around for a few days and pops a major snowstorm for the area at a short range.
  6. It seems like it’s either suppressed or a cutter. It’s still early, so there’s time to get the solution we want. But right now OP’s have two clear opposing camps and neither of them really produce much.
  7. Maybe this is the classic (LR-storm, medium range- storm goes poof, short range-storm!)
  8. I’d argue the -PNA is what’s hurting us. The NAO is exactly what we want. Problem is, the flow is flat with a lack of true amplification.
  9. Still more interested in ensembles as it’s clear OP’s are not settling on a solution just yet. Let’s see EPS. Euro wasn’t terrible.
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