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  1. My current conditions per Accuweather, but I've changed over to a mix.
  2. Current conditions at my location 29°f, 21° dewpoint with heavy snow..
  3. There is still quite a bit of precip that is poised to move through, which has me thinking about the that triple-point development that some had been mentioning earlier in the week and what it's impact may be if it manages to strengthen off the coast...Any thoughts??
  4. I'm back to S+, temp 27°f, dewpoint holding at 20°. I think this may be the thump before the sleet.
  5. Regional Base Reflectivity. It looks like a Meso strength cell is being picked up on Sterling.
  6. Based on what I am seeing from the Global and Mesoscale guidance, sleet totals between .50"-1.00" may be realized across much of PA, especially central/south central areas, as it looks like the 850 is starting to be crushed by warm air advection and with surface and 700 Mb temps holding below freezing, sleet is inevitable and I wouldn't be surprised to see some heavy pockets develop.
  7. Temp 25°f Dewpoint 18° Visibility 4 miles A lull in the action, but the leading edge of the second round is approaching.
  8. The pocket of sleet being depicted on radar between Pittsburgh and Johnstown PA is turning into an area of heavy to very heavy snow near Johnstown.
  9. I'm past which model will win out, it's about nowcasting at this point. If your area busts, be happy for those that don't.
  10. Initial band moving through, the void in precipitation over southwestern PA looks like it may be trying to fill it. 24° w/snow here in Silver Spring Township, Cumberland County, PA.
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