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  1. Are shorter time frames showing simmilar anomalies?
  2. Can you post the anomalies over this time period?
  3. It was warm for like 30 min and got super cold and windy wtf
  4. .04 It's not normally worth the cost. Only when lives are at risk.
  5. 12z weather balloon launch will be used for 12 and 18z 0z launch data will be used for 0 and 6z Other than that they are the same. This is likely the cause for the .04 variance
  6. 100% If i remember correctly, this is currently the only real input difference any more
  7. Agree, Its not the quality, but quantity. The NWS sends up weather balloons 2x a day and that data is used for all 4 runs. When there are extreme events, the NWS will do extra launches for the off runs. So even though does have a point 2x a day is normally perfectly fine
  8. Look at the signals for the 15-17th Something big is coming
  9. Yep The threat next weekend is the one I am really interested in. The signal is there for a big storm somewhere on the EC
  10. Not looking at 500 but just from the surface it looks like a better negative tilt here
  11. So many people online and we are 6 days away. This is the place to be!
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