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  1. Anyway I am off to the galapagos. So fucking excited!!
  2. Was the post anything of substance? I won't do it going forward. I just honestly yearn for a good discussion.
  3. We all know the talk started from nov 9th 2016. They were looking for anything to have an excuse.
  4. I agree they should pay more but do it the right way. On the dem side bloomberg might be the only one to understand how to do it right. I wish he wasn't a nanny state guy who wants to kill the 2nd amendment.
  5. A direct tax on market activity would cause economic carnage. Anyone who even proposes this has no understanding of how the economy works.
  6. We are at the highest inflation adjusted meadian income ever and have made an insane jump higher in the last year. Year over year, median household income rose by 5.1% now at
  7. I wish there was a nino. It's cold as feck in the Galapagos relatively speaking.
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