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  1. This isn’t a bad look at all. Biggest problem it’s 8 days out
  2. Look at this. This was the icon at 12z! This is a very positively tilted trough which is something you don’t want at 500 if you want a snowstorm or a storm to come up the coast. This is the icon at 18z which then allows the trough to swing into a neutral position and headed towards negatively tilted quicker. 18z on top 12z on the bottom
  3. This hasn’t changed from yesterday and I’m going with it! Love my forecast
  4. Not sure if homemade snowfall maps are considered banter and I mainly post for people below the NY/PA border but here is my snowfall forecast for this event. This will probably be my last snowfall forecast for this event unless I think it is absolutely necessary to make changes but here you go... Light Blue: Coating to an inch Medium Blue: 1-3 inches Dark Blue: 2-4 inches Purple: 3-6 inches with isolated locations potentially seeing up to 10 inches of snowfall (more elevation driven) Have a great rest of your night and enjoy the snow Saturday.
  5. I continue to favor a colder solution especially for places just west of 95 and here’s one of my reasons. I could be wrong but I just think this cold holds on and we see better trends today and up to the event itself. Remember the energy doesn’t come onshore until tomorrow morning! With this 850 fronto continuing to show up I drew a black figure that shows the area in between the first wave of snow and our fronto band that is extremely heavy and ends the snow. You have a 6 hour period or so between that initially band that ends your Virga and that fronto band. In between you are snowing and in that band you are snowing. It’s entirely possible that you could have an inch on the ground and after that last band moves through and sits on your for an hour or two you end with 4-5 inches or more because of how strong the upward motion is. It’s going to come down like a down pour in a thunderstorm. This is how you get your 4+ inches in 5-6 hours. Cheers
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