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  1. Why are you guys looking and being mad at 150 hour maps, like haven’t yall learned from this storm lol? Let this weekend storm finish, than models I bet you will have a different idea, who knows
  2. As of today, anything can happen for you location as we are days out
  3. ICON temperature profiles are actually trash, I-95 Philly to NYC stays freezing entire run yet pouring rain, would expect sleet and freezing rain if anything
  4. Possible snowstorm scenarios I made, we got a long week ahead so it doesn’t mean you call of a storm based on few runs 7 days out!
  5. Why in the hell is everyone like calling this storm out? It’s 7 days out... suck it up and watch the model runs if you want but nothing is clear until Thursday time frame....
  6. Why be people look at trends now... it’s 200+ hours out so models will still show cutters to nothing for a storm.... it’s good that models show mainly a storm from the south form than come up or out right now..:. But it’s multiple days out.
  7. FV3 wasn’t the best short range but few days ago had snow along 95...
  8. i love how everyone is so surprised for storm early april just like that cold outbreak in early november, folks, this can happen in april!
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