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Found 6 results

  1. Links Section In This Post, below the intro. I have been recently asked to start a thread, to talk about weather teleconnections and similar topics. This is often a topic not very well discussed on other weather places, and places like Twitter. We have a number of experts, enthusiasts, and meteorologists, who are knowledgeable in this area. So this is a thread for technical discussion about the teleconnections, etc, as well as a place for questions about these topics. We need to start talking about these climate drivers more, as they are the key to unlocking medium-long term forec
  2. The Global Wind Oscillation and its Impact on Southwest Michghan Severe Storms Authors: William Marino Published: 2016 (exact date not shown) Presentation Summary: • What is the Global Wind Oscillation (GWO) • Relating the GWO to Southwest Michigan severe storm events. • Trends in Severe storm frequency over Southwest Lower Michigan Link to presentation (slides only): https://www.weather.gov/media/grr/GLOM2015/Presentations/Marino_GWOSevereStorms.pdf I'm trying to find the full presentation and will edit
  3. What is the GSDM and how does it help with subseasonal weather forecasts? A YouTube Presentation Presentation By: Edward K Berry (Senior Weather-Climate Scientist) Presentation Event: American Meteorology Society - Student Chapter, College of DuPage, Chicago Presentation Date: 28th March, 2018 Summary: Leading meteorological scientists Ed Berry and Dr Klaus Weickmann jointly developed their GSDM (Global Synoptic Dynamic Model) while they were working at NOAA in the late 1990s and earlier years of this century. They also devised the GWO (
  4. U.S. Hail Frequency and the Global Wind Oscillation Authors: Vittorio A. Gensini, John T. Allen Published: Jan 2018 Abstract: Changes in Earth relative atmospheric angular momentum can be described by an index known as the Global Wind Oscillation. This global index accounts for changes in Earth's atmospheric budget of relative angular momentum through interactions of tropical convection anomalies, extratropical dynamics, and engagement of surface torques (e.g., friction and mountain). It is shown herein that U.S. hail events are more (less) likely to occu
  5. Tornado Frequency in the United States Related to Global Relative Angular Momentum Authors: Vittorio A. Gensini, Alan Marinaro Published: Feb 2016 Abstract: Global relative angular momentum and the first time derivative are used to explain nearly an order of magnitude of the variability in 1994–2013 U.S. boreal spring tornado occurrence. When plotted in a phase space, the global wind oscillation (GWO) is obtained. This global index accounts for changes in the global budget of angular momentum through interactions of tropical convection anomalies and ext
  6. The tropical Madden-Julian oscillation and the global wind oscillation Authors: Klaus Weickmann and Edward Berry First Published: June 12th , 2008 Abstract: The global wind oscillation (GWO) is a subseasonal phenomenon encompassing the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) and mid-latitude processes like meridional momentum transports and mountain torques. A phase space is defined for the GWO following the approach of Wheeler and Hendon (2004) for the MJO. In contrast to the oscillatory behavior of the MJO, two red noise processes define the GWO. The red n
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