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Found 5 results

  1. What are Hydrothermal Vents? - Educational Guide Authors: Wood's Hole Oceanagraphic Institution Published online: 11th June, 2018 Abstract: None - I've included this entry amongst our "Educational Guides" listing. The institution produces many ocean related guides, reports, news stories and links to other sites and papers and presentations. Some of these are already in the Research Portal and several more will be added in due course. Link to full article: https://www.whoi.edu/know-your-ocean/ocean-topics/seafloor-below/hydrothermal-v
  2. Hydrothermal vents found in Arctic Ocean Authors: Lidia Wasowicz Published online: 16th January, 2003 Abstract: A geologically sluggish region deep within the Arctic Ocean's frigid waters has turned out to be a surprisingly hot spot of hydrothermal activity. Marine scientists on a maiden voyage to the remote area near the North Pole discovered at least nine submarine vents spewing sizzling fountains -- and portending the possible existence of exotic life -- along the Gakkel ridge, a barely budging mid-ocean mountain chain 3 miles below th
  3. North Atlantic hotspot-ridge interaction near Jan Mayen Island Authors: Lynne J. Elkins et al Published online: 22nd January, 2016 Abstract: At slow to ultraslow spreading rates along mid-ocean ridges, thicker lithosphere typically impedes magma generation and tectonic extension can play a more significant role in crustal production (Dick et al., 2003). The source of anomalously high magma supply thus remains unclear along ridges with ultraslow-spreading rates adjacent to Jan Mayen Island in the North Atlantic (Neumann and Schilling, 1984; Mertz et
  4. Discovery of a black smoker vent field and vent fauna at the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge Authors: Rolf B. Pedersen et al Published online: 23rd November, 2010 Abstract: The Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge (AMOR) represents one of the most slow-spreading ridge systems on Earth. Previous attempts to locate hydrothermal vent fields and unravel the nature of venting, as well as the provenance of vent fauna at this northern and insular termination of the global ridge system, have been unsuccessful. Here, we report the first discovery of a black smoker vent field at the
  5. Importance of Hydrothermal Vents in Scavenging Removal of 230Th in the Nansen Basin Authors: O. Valk et al Published online: 19th September, 2018 Abstract: In this study we present dissolved and particulate 230Th and 232Th results, as well as particulate 234Th data, obtained as part of the GEOTRACES central Arctic Ocean sections GN04 (2015) and IPY11 (2007). Samples were analyzed following GEOTRACES methods and compared to previous results from 1991. We observe significant decreases in 230Th concentrations in the deep waters of the Nansen Basin. We a
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