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  1. Interactive Area for Members - Feedback and Comments This area is for you "the forum members" to get more involved where you will be able to share your views, comments, feedback and ideas about any aspect of this Research Portal by using the standard "reply to this topic" option below this page. You may have found a paper that you feel is suitable for the portal and would like us to upload the link into the portal. Full instructions for this are shown lower down on this page. Your Feedback, Comments and Suggestions There may be all sorts of reasons why you might wish to contribute to this area. These are just a few of them: 1. To help other visitors and researchers - for example: recommending further reading and suggesting other suitable papers covering specific "teleconnection" related subjects (see full instructions below). 2. You might wish to make comments or suggestions to the research portal moderators - for example; you might be aware that a particular author or paper has been discredited or the paper or theory has been superseded or supplemented by a later paper. We do not wish to or cannot be "judge and jury" and we will rely on input and feedback from you, the readers. So please bring this to our attention. 3. You may wish to provide a link to a special site where you feel certain information/data/charts are very useful and this is not easy to find in a run of the mill search (see full instructions below). 4. You may have noticed an error - for example: we may have missed out inserting a tag, used on a paper, into the search list. Please let us know. 5. You may have ideas for how we might develop the portal further or feedback on the current functions. 6. You may wish to discuss something that you have read in one of the papers. Holding Area for Members to Park Papers Awaiting Upload - Requirements and Instructions (+ example) If possible please provide the following details and copy this into the standard "reply to this topic" shown under this page: - the full title - the author(s) - the publication date or year (if known) - copy the full abstract or summary if there is one (if not then a brief description about the theme and contents of the paper would be helpful) - state the tags required (or alternatively, the main teleconnection related topics featured in the paper). Direct link to List of Tags (in User Guide) - copy the link to the full paper (please do not copy the whole paper). - add a note if you have anything to explain to us. Then one of us will upload it. Here's an example of one that was uploaded earlier to show the information required (with instructions in red): Mountain Torques and Northern Hemisphere Low-Frequency Variability. Part I: Hemispheric Aspects (full title) Authors: Francois Lott, Andrew W. Robertson and Michael Ghil (author/s name – if there are many authors you can use the first name and then “et al”) First Published: 2001 (the date the paper was “first published” if known which may be much earlier than when it first appeared online – or both dates) Abstract: (the full abstract or summary if there is one and the link to the abstract) The NCEP–NCAR reanalysis dataset for 1958–97 is used to analyze intraseasonal variations in mountain torques and the large-scale atmospheric circulation patterns associated with them. Spectral analysis of the atmospheric angular momentum (AAM) budget shows that the dominant variations of mountain torque have periodicities near 30 days and shorter, while the dominant AAM variations occur in the 40–60-day band. This difference is due to the 40–60-day AAM variations being primarily related to equatorial processes, while mountain torque variations are associated mostly with extratropical processes. The Northern Hemisphere (NH) mountain torque has enhanced power and significant spectral peaks in the 20–30-day band. The signal in this band accounts for 33% of the NH mountain torque variance, once the seasonal cycle has been removed. Lag composites of the NH 700-hPa geopotential heights based on the 20–30-day mountain torque signal show the latter to be associated with coherent large-scale patterns that resemble low-frequency oscillations identified in this band by previous authors. The composite patterns that are in phase quadrature with the 20–30-day NH mountain torque have a pronounced zonally symmetric component. These patterns are associated with substantial AAM variations, arguably driven by the NH mountain torque in this band. Principal component (PC) analysis of the NH 700-hPa heights shows that, in the 20–30-day band, the mountain torque is also in phase quadrature with the two leading PCs; the first corresponds to changes in the midlatitude jet intensity near the subtropics, while the second corresponds to the Arctic Oscillation. The relationships with AAM of the latter essentially occurs through the mass term. Mountain torques are, furthermore, nearly in phase with dominant patterns of low-frequency variability that exhibit substantial pressure gradients across the Rockies and the Tibetan Plateau. Link to full paper: (the link to the full paper which may be from another source if it is blocked as a “free-to-view” option on the main source)<1259%3AMTANHL>2.0.CO%3B2 Please note that the following tags were allocated to this paper: mt, aam, mjo (your suggestion for suitable tags – optional as we can add these) (please add any specific comments that you wish to make related to the paper that you would like us to include in the upload)
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