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  17. Because it’s never to early and seasonal models look exciting. Weak nino’s typically treat us well. Can’t wait
  18. Let's talk about three models for our system this week. This has been a topic of much discussion as we get excited for another potential snowstorm. So here we go! First time posting, so I hope you like it. GFS: The GFS is the weakest model out of these three, being much less potent overall. As you can see, it isn't as powerful with our energy and doesn't dig as much, leading to a weaker and less snowier solution. CMC: This one is stronger than the GFS, but isn't as strong as the NAM. Here it really digs the energy allowing for a stronger solution. Anyone south of the city gets hammered here. NAM: This is by far the most potent of all these models. It pushes lots of energy to the north while still digging, which allows for an all out snowstorm along I-95 and other areas. Definitely not out of the question, and it has other short range guidance supporting it. This is one to watch. From a nuisance snow to a crippling blizzard, anything is on the table. Hope to hear your thoughts as well! Let's track this thing!
  19. Cheers ladies and gents! Lets start off the 00z runs in a big way!
  20. Looks like a decent event possible Wednesday for many in the northeast. Discuss!
  21. Let's get this started!!!! Good luck everyone! 29/13 here
  22. Decided to make a thread where everyone can share their past memories, photos, and whatever else you feel like regarding winter storms of the past. I decided to throw up some images from the Jan 26-27, 2011 "Blizzard" since it came up in a recent discussion. I also have around 3,400 images from the past eight years just for the winter season, so don't be afraid to ask if I have something. Also, I'm sure @uncle w has some awesome stories to share of many of the KU's in the past years. Might do something for the BDB as we get closer to the seventh anniversary of that amazing storm. GFS five days ahead: ECMWF as we got closer: First major snow storm for the HRRR way back in the day ULL moving across the south and picking up moisture (notice the mini tornado outbreak in Florida) Storm really getting its act together: ' First reports of +TSSN Storm at its peak intensity and one of my favorite sat images to this day: (I have many more of there, so if you need or want any others, just shoot me a PM)
  23. Pattern change coming that will bring below normal temps to the Northeast.
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