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Found 9 results

  1. Nighttime view of the winter storm in downtown Findlay.

    © © 2019

  2. Looking West from downtown Findlay.

    © © 2019

  3. Looking North from downtown Findlay.

    © © 2019

  4. Downtown Findlay.

    © © 2019

  5. Precipitation associated with a system cutting through the lakes may cause headaches during Friday's morning commute in the tri-state area. The precip will continue into the early afternoon for locations NE of NYC, into CT & SNE. Discuss away.
  6. Tomorrow clipper/coastal low continues to trend more interesting for the coast. Certainly going to be an interesting 00z suite. Regardless, really liking the soundings/profiles for SNJ and portions of LI tomorrow afternoon. Nice DGZ and a good amount of omega to potentially create some localized/brief heavy snow.
  7. I am loving what I am seeing here in the guidance! This set up screams of winter weather potential, maybe even a storm or two before or around Christmas. If you like winter storms, you want to see this pattern. If you like cold weather, you will LOVE this pattern. Plus, I am getting a lot of observations stating this block is not going away any time soon. The best part of this 10-day forecast is that this data is supported by observations. In all forecasting, observations should always lead the way. This is why when someone sends me a 300 HR GFS forecast I ask, okay show me the observations that would get you to this solution? What's your trigger? What's the process? In this case, the triggers and process to get from point A to Z is right in front of us and it is so much fun to watch!
  8. Today, from Noon - 2pm ET, 33andrain and New York Metro Wx will host another special edition of the WeatherEyes program, with NYMW panelists @earthlight, @Dsnowx53, @Weathergun and @Superstorm93 sounding off on the exciting winter weather events about to impact our area. We're very excited to have the opportunity to host the show again! Please keep all questions here, and the NYMW team will attempt to get to as many as possible! Stay tuned for live updates, analysis, and commentary Saturday!
  9. Hey Folks, As you know, part of our mission is to pull some of the weather conversation from the twitter machine back into a forum - like this - to expand and develop a conversation. The 140-character twitter limit is just not enough to explain complex meteorological processes, and the weather community as a whole seems to be lost in social media. We also have a no-hype policy on twitter regarding weather events. Sure, we tout special maps or models (like #dougmaps!), but part of our goal is to tone down the hysteria out there. If you have a twitter handle, please share it here or pm me so that we can follow you - if you are a met and have a twitter handle, let us feature you! If you do not have a twitter handle and feel unsure about how to build out on twitter, pm me and I'll be happy to help. The overarching goal here is open sharing of ideas - that's why we have staff here from all of the other big forums. We are not competing, we are trying to take down the silos that have been built in the Wx community. We will be happy to promote your material, and be proud if you promote @33andrain on twitter! Thanks!
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