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Global Warming and ENSO – A “Helter-Skelter” Atmosphere

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Global Warming and ENSO – A “Helter-Skelter” Atmosphere


Authors:  Daphne Thompson (for WDT) 


Published:    11th December, 2017


Abstract:  (None but I extracted this from the text):

The purpose of this article is to make an effort to illustrate circulation impacts due to climate change, and give some high-level observational evidence of a La Niña-like response due to global warming, including at present. From another perspective, the ongoing El Niño could be contributing to La Niña aspects of the current atmospheric circulation given that it may be amplifying the present increase in the global mean temperature. Emphasis is then placed on the relevancy of climate change to subseasonal forecasting, including the present 16-30 day outlooks issued by WDT. The “global warming-La Niña” connection has been gaining some recognition in a few very recent publications in the refereed literature, as well as in on-line blogs written by well-respected scientists. The reader is encouraged to do a search.

No attempt will be made to get into the complicated issues of the causes of climate change (including global warming) other than described above 


Link to full paper:


Credit goes to Tams @Tamara for finding this paper - thank you.

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